Eight ways to cut your wedding day costs

01 Sep 2016

Here are a few tips on how to keep wedding costs from spiralling out of control

Don’t feel pressured into having a big traditional wedding just because that’s what your parents want or it’s what your friends did. Question your own beliefs and ideas and think about what will make you and your fiancé happy instead.

By taking an alternative approach to your wedding you can seriously cut the costs and take the stress out of organising everything too. Money.co.uk is here to help with these eight considerations to save you a buck or two.

1. The internet is your friend

If you aren’t a particularly creative person or struggle to come up with fresh ideas…cheat. Sites like Pinterest and Instagram are a great place to get ideas and start collecting images. Then Google until you find the cheapest equivalent. Never settle on the first price, haggle if you can and compare prices online to see if you’re getting a good deal.

2. Start with the date

When you choose to get married, the date can significantly impact the cost – a Saturday in August is going to cost much more than a Thursday in February. Mid-week weddings are becoming more popular, but think about those family members who have children in school before you decide to do this.

3. Guest list gauntlet

Consider an intimate wedding of no more than 30 people. Ask yourself “Would I be utterly gutted if they couldn’t make it?”. If your answer is no, leave them off the list. With fewer people to feed and keep topped up with drinks, your day will cost much less.

4. Invites vs e-vites

It’s traditional to send invitations in the post, but the cost of printing them and postage can really add up. Why not consider inviting guests through an event page or set up your own wedding website? This way you can get your RSVPs back much quicker and it will save you a world of time writing out dozens of addresses. Alternatively, you can ask stationers if they offer an e-vite service.

5. Do you really need bridesmaids or groomsmen?

Traditionally bridesmaids and groomsmen had quite pivotal roles to play, but if you’re pushing the boundaries the likelihood is you’re unlikely to use them in the way they were originally intended. These days they can be nothing but an expensive accessory once you’ve costed up suits, dresses, footwear and flowers. Perhaps consider having just a best man and a maid of honour instead of half a dozen of each. 

6. DIY hair and make-up

A professional make-up artist and hairdresser can be seriously pricey. Why not use YouTube videos to learn how to do it yourself or get your friends to help you instead?

7. Make better use of the cake

Traditionally,  the wedding cake is cut at the very end of a large three-course meal when everyone is already stuffed and the last thing anyone fancies is a piece of cake. Instead,  think about cutting it straight after you’ve got married so you can hand it around when you’re having your photographs taken before people sit down for the wedding breakfast. Your guests will be very thankful; there's nothing worse than leaving your guests waiting around in their heels hungry.

8. To insure or not to insure - that is the question

Wedding insurance sounds a bit gimmicky but in the grand scale of a wedding budget, it’s pretty cheap. Starting at around £50, that’s a similar price to just one bridesmaid bouquet. Suddenly getting your big day insured seems less gimmicky and more common sense. 


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