Eight emotions you will feel in the run up to your wedding day

13 May 2016

Wedding planning presents an adrenaline-fuelled rollercoaster ride of emotions, and never more so than in the weeks and days leading up to the big event

Although you may put on a (genuine or not so genuine) smile the whole way through, wedding planning throws up a myriad of emotions. Prepare in advance, by psyching yourself up for the feelings that you will undoubtedly face at some point during the planning process.

1. Joy

The happiness of finally tying the knot with your best friend is one of the best feelings in the world. You simply want to shout about it from the rooftops! Make the most of the moments when you feel pure elation – it doesn’t get any better than this… until the day arrives, of course.

2. Exasperation

People will want to help you out but you see it as their way of meddling. Little irritations can be blown out of proportion as you become increasingly overwhelmed… a few deep breaths (and glasses of wine) will restore calm.  

3. Exhaustion

Late nights and early mornings begin to take their toll. Wedding planning is a full time job and requires careful management and organisation to ensure it doesn’t take over your life completely. Write yourself a schedule and stick to the timeframes you assign yourself – your beauty sleep is a top priority to make sure you look your best come the big day.

4. Pride

As every element comes together, you will feel an immense level of satisfaction. Juggling wedding planning with a day job is one of the hardest things you’ll ever do, but also the most rewarding. Be sure to stop worrying on the day so that you can sit back and enjoy every minute.

5. Sadness

Hey, it’s OK to feel a little bit sad in the run up to the wedding. Whether the planning has well and truly gotten to you or the thought of changing your surname once and for all fills you with dread, it’s better to let the tears come and get it out of your system. After all, you don’t want to ruin your make-up on the day itself.

6. Desperation

There will always be something left to be done the week or night before the wedding and you will have never felt so frantic as you pull out all the stops to get it done. You will be a master of multi-tasking, but just remember to keep calm throughout as stress prior to the big day can cause all sort of ailments to rear their ugly head.

7. Fear

The last minute nerves can kick in weeks before the wedding, let alone the morning of. Anticipation and angst will reach fever pitch and you’ll find yourself asking: “What am I nervous about?”. Keep envisaging your other half awaiting your arrival at the end of the aisle and all will feel right again.

8. Excitement

It’s the day that every girl dreams of and the thought of it actually happening will feel amazing, if a little surreal. Don’t will the day to arrive otherwise you’ll wish it all away; just savour every stage of the lead up and pretty soon you'll be wanting to plan it all over again.

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