Eight easy spending cuts to save money for your wedding

27 Sep 2017

You’ve set the date and the budget, but you still need to save some pennies. Here’s how…

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Once you’re in the throes of wedding planning, it becomes apparent how difficult it is to stick to a budget. However, by making a few simple changes to your day-to-day spending and subsequent lifestyle, your bank balance will begin to look a little brighter. Give your wedding budget the boost it needs with these ideas:

1. Your daily coffee

Wave goodbye to your morning, afternoon and/or evening caffeine fix. Regular Starbucks coffees with all the syrup shots and whipped cream toppings don’t come cheap and are never kind to the waistline. Revise your routine by quitting coffee shops and bringing a flask of homemade brew into work instead.

Spend: Approximately £3 on a daily coffee, five days a week

Save: £15 a week or £60 a month


2. Take a packed lunch to work

Eating out on every lunch break will quickly drain you of precious pennies. While it takes some organisation at first, preparing a packed lunch every night before bed can easily become part of your evening routine. Alternatively, cook bigger batches for dinner and take the leftovers to work for a hearty midday feast.

Spend: M&S £3.50 meal deal, five days a week

Save: £17.50 a week or £70 a month

3. Pamper treatments

If you can count your beauty therapist as one of your closest friends, chances are you’ve had one too many beauty treatments. From fortnightly manicures to monthly massages, it’s no wonder that you’ve started to query your outgoings. Limit yourself to one or two treatments a month and put your wedding budget in the green.

Spend: Approximately £25 per treatment every two weeks

Save: £50 a month or £600 a year


4. Bills, bills, bills

Check you’re not paying more than you should be for household bills by using price comparison sites. Martin Lewis’s money saving website regularly alerts its users to money they could be saving on their gas and electricity bills, as well as insurance packages and mortgage interest rates. In addition, think carefully about the regular subscriptions you’re forking out for; can you do away with Netflix, Sky, or Spotify – at least temporarily?

Spend: £500 upwards on monthly outgoings

Save: Hundreds, although Martin Lewis claims he can 'save you thousands'

5. Car costs and public transport

While petrol costs can be slashed by lift sharing with friends and colleagues, public transport fees can be cut altogether by simply opting to walk or cycle the journey instead.

Spend: Approximately £3 daily bus fare commute (or more if driving your own car)

Save: £15 a week or £60 a month


6. Quit the habit

Smoking is one of the most expensive habits, with the average pack of 20 now costing £13.30. Likewise, drinking can have a negative impact on your earnings and health. Cut back on the amount of smoking and/or drinking you partake in each week.

Spend: Approximately £13.30 for a pack of 20 cigarettes or £10 on a bottle of wine

Save: Depending on your intake, you could save hundreds a month

7. Your gym membership

Are you still pledging to use your gym despite never setting foot inside since you signed up? It's time to scrap the unnecessary fees and turn to the great outdoors for a workout that will leave you feeling energised and at one with the world.

Spend: Approximately £30 a month

Save: £360 a year


8. Staying in is the new going out

Come the weekend, all you want to do is celebrate your freedom with a meal out or drinks with the girls. However, this can cause you to splurge needlessly. Why not offer to host at home and either cook or put on your own cocktail party? Similarly, even regular takeaways can add up, so pay a trip to your local supermarket instead for the same ingredients at a fraction of the cost.

Spend: Approximately £50 on a night out or £20 on a takeaway for two

Save: Depending on how much you go out or order a takeaway, this could save you hundreds per month

All images via Unsplash.com

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