Six dreams (and nightmares) you might have before your wedding day

15 Sep 2017

Six brides share the dreams (and nightmares) they had in the run up to their wedding day

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With every spare hour spent wedding planning, it is inevitable that your hopes and fears will continue to play out when your head hits the pillow. Even worries and wishes you never knew you had will pervade your subconscious and manifest as dreams. With so much to think about surrounding the big day, it is inevitable that you will have a host of dreams - and nightmares - in the run up to the long-awaited date.

Here, six brides share the dreams that they had while planning their wedding - and they may sound familiar. 

The one where no-one is invited/turns up

"The nightmares began early on in my wedding planning journey. The most memorable one woke me up in a cold sweat, reaching for my laptop so I could frantically check my trusty wedding spreadsheet. In the nightmare, there was just a week to go until the big day, and it transpired that we hadn’t sent out any invitations whatsoever. The venue, registrars, florist, and hair and make-up team were all ready and raring to go… but we had no guest list. On further investigation, it turned out we had also forgotten to book any catering (which I guess wouldn’t really matter if there were no guests to enjoy the food). It was a very illogical nightmare, considering how obsessively organised I am with my wedding planning. Maybe it was actually a cue for me to relax a bit…." Sophie Cass

The one where you're late

"I had loads of dreams in the run up to our wedding, which were all vivid variations on the same theme: being late. From over-sleeping and missing the whole day, to our venue not being finished in time and guests having to wait outside for the final decorations to be finished. I think dreams are based on our subconscious thoughts and mine were reflections of my worries. We renovated a barn on my now-husband's parents' farm for our wedding and did only complete it the night before. And I was 20 minutes late to our ceremony; be advised a corset-backed wedding dress takes a long time to lace up." Becca Seyfried

The one where the ceremony doesn't go to plan

"A few weeks before the wedding I had a horrible nightmare where my mum turned up wearing a thick winter duffle coat. Instead of the Bridal March as I walked down the aisle, they played It's Raining Men and the vicar started doing 'the worm'. My maid of honour thought it was hilarious when I told her about the dream and said if any of it actually happened and the vicar did do it, she would definitely be joining in." Julie Connellan

The one where a supplier doesn't turn up

"I only had one dream (or nightmare) about our wedding. After a somewhat shaky trial with the hair and make-up artist in real life left me feeling a bit lacking in confidence, I dreamt that she didn’t show up on the day and me, my bridesmaids and mother had to leg it into Norwich and ask around all the salons and department stores to see if anyone could get us ready. It was horrible as I remember looking at my phone in the dream and still being in the city just half an hour before the wedding was due to start. This dream perhaps wasn’t entirely unfounded as hair and make-up took an age and did make me late on the day, but not by a large amount and I was pleased with what she did in the end." Jessica Bennett

The one where everything is a bit odd

"I had been discussing hair and make-up with my bridesmaids and that night I dreamt that when I woke up on the day of the wedding all of my fingernails had dropped off and I had bare fingers. Bizarrely, I then jumped on a motorbike and dashed around every beautician I could find trying to get some stick-on nails to make my hands look presentable for the wedding." Karen Turner

The one where it goes perfectly

"From getting engaged to the date of our wedding my husband and I had two years to plan our wedding. To begin with that consisted of picking and choosing bits here and there, collecting all the little details and it's not until you really start to get closer that all those little details actually become a proper vision of what your wedding day will be. Around a month before the wedding I found myself having the same dream, with me walking arm in arm with my dad and Cameron (my husband) waiting for me at the altar. I could just feel the love and excitement of what the day could hold and to be honest I think this is possibly why I didnt really deal with any wedding day nerves or tears. Just pure excitement and happiness." Rachel Shaw  

Have you had any wedding day dreams? We'd love to hear from you; email

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