DOs and DON’Ts – Your guide to proposal success!

26 Nov 2013

Marriage proposals can be nerve-wracking, scary and daunting but they can also be exciting, happy and passionate. But you have to get it right! Here are some DO's and DONT's to help you plan the perfect proposal and avoid those engagement faux pas:

DO choose a memorable location; the perfect place can set the mood. Whether this is the place you first met, the location of your first date or simply a place that is very special to her.

DON’T hide the ring in food or drink. No hiding the ring in the champagne, no ring hidden in a chocolate cake! Broken teeth or a trip to the hospital after she swallowed the ring is not romantic!

DO get down on one knee, it’s one of the most romantic gestures there is. It’s a tradition that spans many histories, so let’s keep it that way.

DON’T propose in front of her family. You’ll be feeling enough pressure as it is so don’t add to it by having the beady eyes of her entire family watching you.

DO talk to her parents. Another tradition but one that will earn you a lot of respect from both her and her parents.

DON’T tell everyone beforehand. You can guarantee it won’t stay a secret for long. Also keeping it to yourself will mean you will both be able to surprise friends and family together with your good news.


DO make sure you have a camera handy, or a trusted friend who can swoop in and get some great pictures of the proposal and your happy moment together.

DON’T ramble - plan what you’re going to say beforehand. She’ll probably catch on to what you’re about to ask pretty quickly so keep it short and sweet.

wedding Photo courtesy of The Proposers

DO propose on holiday. This may be a slight cliché but again it will get you big bonus points in the romance stakes. Find a spectacular view or a secluded beach and create a moment you will both remember forever.

DON’T propose on birthdays or festivities. This may seem like a strange one but there is a lot of ladies out there that don’t want to share their engagement day with Santa or Jesus, Cupid or even their own birthday. They want a special day, dedicated to the two of you.


DO find the right engagement ring; do you research and look at a variety of rings, this is something she’s going to wear proudly on her hand for years to come so make sure it suits her and her personality. You could always ask her mum or a trusted friend to help you choose the perfect ring.

DON’T make it a public proposal. Unless you’re 100% confident she would want you to get down on one knee in front of a crowd, with all eyes watching and waiting for her reaction – don’t do it! Most women would prefer a proposal that’s personal and intimate – you have the rest of your lives to tell everyone your proposal story so keep the magical moment between the two of you.

When it comes to your proposal the proof is in the planning, if this is the girl you want to marry you’re sure to know everything there is about her and therefore be able to plan the perfect proposal you’ll remember forever… and for all the right reasons.

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