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Diary of a Wedding Planner: Part 7

31 Oct 2016

Marie Haverly of Isabella Weddings Planning and Consultancy is back with advice on how to deal with a change of plan

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It’s your worst nightmare, everything is ticking along so smoothly, even to the point where you were feeling quite proud of yourself for having ticked off most of your task list and you still have two months to go. That relaxed and chilled feeling is great, that is until someone throws an unexpected curveball into your plans, making all those plates that you were eagerly spinning drop to the floor.

We were looking after this amazing couple from North London; they had booked a brilliant venue and all their plans were pretty much confirmed. We had reached the eight week stage and these remaining weeks were to be dedicated to getting the bridesmaids' shoes organised and to enjoy the final decoration touches to the dining room. I was out with my husband on a Sunday morning when the call came in; my tearful and panicked bride had been told by her venue that they were going to have to cancel her wedding due to a double booking. A what? Did they know we have just eight weeks to go until the big day?! Surely this didn’t mean what I thought, that we were about to be faced with a potential venue move in the shortest time ever. Luckily situations like this are rare and apart from being extremely stressful for the couple, this takes some organising when it comes to moving an entire wedding to a new venue in a matter of weeks.

Now I hope dearly that you don’t have to deal with any problems during the lead up to your big day, however if you happen to stumble at any point here are some top tips for overcoming and accepting changes when they happen.


1. Take a deep breath

2. Find out all the details and know the facts

Don’t let emotion take over your understanding of what has happened and why.

3. Focus on moving forward and on finding a solution

For example, if your dress is way too big at your final fitting then try to focus on what can be done now rather than worrying about who was at fault.

4. Ask for help

Don’t aim to solve problems by yourself; you no doubt have a lot of other things to take care of so enlist help – via family, friends or book a professional wedding planner to help you.

5. Take a step back

Remember your wedding will be wonderful no matter what, so aim to keep perspective and know that any problems can be overcome.

6. Talk it through

Don’t bottle up worries or upset, but instead chat to your partner about anything that keeps you awake at night.


My top tip here no matter what the problem might be would definitely be to ask for help. If you need to change venues or times of your wedding day then be sure to get the rest of the bridal party involved by setting them tasks and sending them off to help in any way you can think of. People love to rally together and help each other, so know that you are surrounded by people who want you to have the best wedding day ever.

Whether it’s a supplier that has gone out of business, a bridesmaid with a broken leg or the caterer informing you that the meat you wanted is no longer available. Nothing is the end of the world; take your time, take a deep breath and tackle things as they arise, you’ll forget all of this when you are grinning at your partner on your wedding day, I promise.

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