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Diary of a wedding planner: Part 4

28 Jul 2016

Wedding planner Marie Haverly, of Isabella Weddings Planning & Consultancy, details 10 things that often go forgotten when wedding planning

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Any good wedding planner will tell you about (or show you) their amazing, full to the brim, emergency kit. This is something us planners have as standard. Mine has grown over the past 13 years to something that resembles a NASA survival kit to be honest, but these are essentials that every good planner or bride will have to hand in case of any emergency or forgotten item on a wedding or event day.

It would be easy if I could list here the ultimate ‘forgotten things’ but of course that list would be as long as a piece of string, however what I can tell you is that I often see the same items or tasks overlooked by couples and this is fully understandable, after all there is so much to think about! So what I have done below for you is given you my mini guide to areas you might not have thought of yet to be aware of for your big day.

We offer a planning guidance meeting where we chat through all of your plans from start to finish and highlight any areas of concern or things that you might not have thought of yet. I have also provided my checklist below, which will offer some help.

1. Feed your suppliers

This can be a controversial topic as some suppliers demand food and some don’t mention it, however as a supplier myself and as the person who has to find a sandwich for a hungry photographer, I can tell you this. These guys will be with you all day, from early in the morning until late in the evening, they won’t have chance to cook a meal or eat anything substantial all day. So yes, they might bring a packed lunch, but if they are going to be with you for the evening then it doesn’t hurt to provide a hot meal provision for them. Plus, if want them to stay on longer as your timings have overrun, then if you have fed them well they might feel happier to stay - rather than rush off to find a service station on the route home.

2. Make arrangements for your gifts

After all the guests have arrived, make sure you have somewhere safe for your gifts and cards to go. A hotel room or a parents locked car would be best, especially if you aren’t going to open them until after your honeymoon.


3. Pay everyone in advance

Some suppliers ask for payment after the day, however I’d advise you to settle as much as you can beforehand. Otherwise it’s easy to slip off on honeymoon and then have to deal with bills upon your return.

4. Don’t forget the mums' gifts, or thank yous to the suppliers and people in your bridal party

Anyone who had a part to play deserves a little acknowledgment in your speech or in a card; a little gratitude goes a long way. Here are some thank you gift ideas.

5. Pack your best knickers for the evening

Don’t wear them during the day or you’ll be unhappy you did! Pack some nice M&S undies for the day, so that you are comfortable for the duration; you’ll be thanking me for this one. 

6. Take some flat shoes

Hide them somewhere under a table, but make sure you are able to kick off those shoes if you need to later in the day

7. Pack a kit

Matches, sellotape, pins, safety pins, blu tac, needle and thread etc, just in case. Here's what to include in your emergency kit

8. Give your chief bridesmaid a small SOS kit

A kit with make-up, lip salve, tissues and maybe your phone. You won’t want to carry it around with you, but having a few essentials to hand is vital.


9. Tell everyone what is happening when and then remind them a week later

A schedule for the day is key to ensuring everyone knows who is doing what.

10. Lastly, remember to take time to enjoy everything you have planned

Stop, breathe, look around and enjoy the day (and get someone to bring you some canapés whilst you are having photos taken or you’ll miss out on the treats you so carefully chose for your day).

I love to help couples plan their weddings. We are often asked to manage the wedding day on their behalf and things get forgotten all the time. However, if you do forget something, then try not to panic, see if someone can offer a solution and then work around it. If you have completed your checklist and run through everything with your bridal party then hopefully your day will run perfectly.

We have a free wedding day prep checklist you can download to ensure you remember all those vital little details; we also have a technical checklist that’s super handy on our website. And don't forget Bride's comprehensive suite of wedding planning tools.

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