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Diary of a wedding planner: Part 3

31 May 2016

Wedding planner Marie Haverly, of Isabella Weddings Planning & Consultancy, offers her advice on ways to theme your wedding

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As every bride-to-be will know, there is a lot of choice out there when it comes to themes and styles for your wedding day. No longer is it good enough to simply have a favourite colour, you have to think of more ways to show your artistic flair and bring out your theme in subtle ways across the entire wedding, which surely takes a creative genius doesn’t it? Or can you wing it?

Whenever I meet a couple for the first time, they are usually bursting with fabulous ideas of how to let their personalities shine through on their wedding day. Creativity for most lies in the powers of Pinterest or magazine cuttings; inspiration can be found in many places and it is usually easy to start putting ideas down on paper and beginning to work through, however for some even this is daunting and trying to put a theme together can be incredibly stressful for those who are not usually creative in their day to day lives.

There are lots of inspirational ideas on weddingsite.co.uk; check out the Ideas & Tips section.



I often meet brides who have lots of ideas but not sure where and how to source them or recreate the DIY ideas they have found; not everyone has a creative soul. So how do I advise my couples when they have the ideas but not the ability?

I allow them to be honest with themselves, not everyone is arty, I love to be creative but I lack ability in some areas, as do many of us. So I will sit down with my couples and run through their ideas. I create a moodboard or scrapbook for them so that they can begin to see the theme take form. Then we discuss how we are actually going to achieve what they want and whether all of the options are actually practical. Now, I love Pinterest but sadly some of the DIY craft options are really just a talented individual with Photoshop skills that make a job look easy - in fact, it’s nigh on impossible. So how can you overcome your creative block or begin to pull this wedding theme together?


There are many options such as hiring an expert to make or create what you need, hire in props to add to a theme or buy everything you need ready made so that you have minimum input. Not everyone has the time or desire to sit and make 150 tissue pom poms, so how can you solve this? Buy them, there’s no shame in admitting defeat in some areas. However, if you do want to have the hands-on approach then draft in some help, get the girls on to the tasks and make sure you spread the work so it stays fun.


Here’s what I advise my own couples, my top tips for enjoying the creative process of putting together a theme and/or style for your wedding day:

  1. Know your limitations, what are you good at and what do you find a challenge? There is nothing more frustrating than arranging to make 75 gold painted candle favours, when in fact you really can’t get past the first stage.
  2. Recruit help – if you have a talented bridesmaid or family member then ask them to help. Chances are they will love to be a part of your day and there’s no shame in delegating tasks if you are finding it tiresome or a challenge.
  3. Hire it in – sometimes it can make more sense to just hire in what you need; you may actually save money in the long run and definitely time that could be put to better use maybe elsewhere.
  4. Do a theme well – as someone who has seen many weddings, I can tell you this: if you are going to stick to a specific theme, then ensure that you do this justice and cover the theme well. There’s nothing worse than a half-hearted attempt at something, as it can give off a half-finished feel. This doesn’t mean you have to spend money, be subtle but be clever with how to inject the theme throughout your day if you wish.
  5. Get a scrapbook and moodboard going - you can ask someone to help or create your own by grabbing some A3 card and start adding some favourites clippings to it. Yes, Pinterest is good for this too as you can share boards, but there’s something lovely about taking time to cut out pieces and making your very own scrapbook – plus you’ll have a keepsake forever.

Lastly, I would say this: you don’t have to have a theme for your wedding day, so don’t fall into the trap of thinking you must have one – vintage, modern, nautical, steampunk.... You can just be you, surround yourself with things you love, items that make you happy despite what category they fall into and enjoy colours that make your heart smile – this will be a perfect way to reflect your love for each other without feeling like you have to be a slave to a theme. Enjoy your creative journey guys!

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