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Diary of a wedding planner: Part 2

09 May 2016

In the second instalment of her blog series, wedding planner Marie Haverly, of Isabella Weddings Planning & Consultancy, contemplates the quest to find every bride's Holy Grail - the perfect venue

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One thing I am asked a lot about as a wedding planner is venues: what are the best ones, why do they vary in costs so much and can I recommend a suitable one for a perfect wedding day?

There is so much choice, so when I meet a couple the first thing we usually discuss is where their wedding will be; this could be in terms of location or just style of venue. Many of my couples have an idea of where but they sometimes get stuck on type, especially when we start to talk about how much their first choice might cost or if it’s going to work realistically for them.

One couple I met last year had their heart set on a barn wedding, with rustic BBQ style food and fabulous live music. We looked at local barns and soon it became clear that the cost of setting up a rustic looking wedding was going to be out of their budget, after all even relaxed and natural takes precise planning. So as a wild-card option I brought them details of a cottage that I had been chatting to recently, this was a privately owned house and the owners had been looking at renting out the house and grounds to one-off weddings for a little income. I spoke to my couple and they agreed to look around the venue to see how they felt. It wasn’t a barn but it was rustic and the countryside feel would allow them to have the relaxed wedding they wanted.


The owners were delighted and having discussed all the options were happy to offer the house for a greatly reduced fee, as this was the first wedding booking they had taken on. So this story had a happy ending, the couple found a unique venue where they could have the wedding they longed for and they saved around £2,000 in the process. The owners of the venue also got to see what holding weddings would be like as a trial run and I managed to match-make two wonderful groups of people.

I love that I can bring this service to both couples and venues. Having contacts in the wedding industry is amazing for us planners, it a resource that couples can benefit from in many ways and turning to someone who knows what they are doing is key when you want to ensure your wedding plans stay on track. So my advice to you would be this: make sure you have someone on hand to chat to when things don’t go to plan, either a wedding planner or trusted friend. Someone who can support you and listen to your concerns when you have that wobble, it happens to the best of us, don’t worry.

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