Demand for tweed almost doubles for menswear wedding style

23 Feb 2021

After searches for tweed increased by 49%, Slater Menswear reveals top tips on styling the trend for you big day

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Tweed clothing has been a staple in men’s fashion for decades because it’s quintessential British clothing at its best.

Like many pieces of outerwear, tweed was developed out of necessity to help protect outdoor workers from the elements. Over time, however, tweed jackets, trousers and more have been reinvented into a must-have article of clothing that most men now own, yet many men still don’t know how to make tweed work for them.

We chat to suit specialist Slater Menswear on how to wear tweed, when you should wear tweed and how to style your look. 


What is tweed?

Tweed is a natural fabric made from wool that features a soft, open weave. It was first introduced in the 18th century by Scottish farmers as a way to help endure unforgiving winters. 

Soon after, the popular material was gentrified and became a hit with the British aristocracy. Tweed became the go-to material for sport thanks to its water-resistant properties, with the upper classes donning the fabric for shooting, hunting and sailing.

Modern tweed has become a much more accessible clothing option, with people choosing to wear the versatile fabric for casual get-togethers as well as more formal events. 


Tweed in the summer

Although originally developed to keep wearers warm, lightweight tweed blazers make a fantastic addition to any summer wardrobe. Summer weddings, barbeques and graduation ceremonies are all perfect excuses to slip into your favourite tweed jacket. 

Rather than the traditional, earthy tones that remain a common staple of tweed clothing, opt for a brighter approach. Try light greys and pale blues to pair with a classic white cotton shirt or some bold checks to wear as a statement garment.

Tweed in the winter

When you want to combat the cold without sacrificing your style, tweed is ideal for layering.

For milder weather, a matching tweed waistcoat may be enough to keep you warm when wearing a jacket. When the temperature starts to drop, tweed’s rustic roots make jackets a great accompaniment to a warm knitted jumper. For smarter events, you can keep out the cold in style with an overcoat, helping to maintain your well-structured winter look.


Traditional tweed style

Although tweed can now be worn to almost any event, the traditional tweed look is still a fashion favourite. From striding through the countryside on a shoot to making an appearance at a formal city event, the traditional muted greens and browns of traditional tweed are a sure sign of a modern gent.

Always choose a full three-piece suit if you’re going for the traditional look, paired with a check shirt. If you like to accessorise, you have plenty of options with this style.  

Smart-Casual tweed

The beauty of a tweed suit is that a jacket, waistcoat and a pair of trousers can be worn in a multifaceted range of smart-casual ways. Not only will you be prepared for whatever event is thrown your way, but you’ll only need a single suit to mix and match with other items in your wardrobe.

If you’re heading out for after-work drinks, try dressing down your look by keeping your waistcoat without your tie and jacket. Or lose the waistcoat altogether and supplement it with a smart cardigan and a striped shirt.  


Casual Tweed

Keeping an air of sophistication for casual events has been made easy thanks to the tweed jacket. A simple pair of dark jeans and a casual shirt look great with a blazer, creating a look that is more relaxed yet still refined. 

Avoid t-shirts at all costs when wearing tweed, even for casual events. Ensure your blazer is fitted to your proportions. Finish off your outfit with a pair of chukka boots, loafers or a pair of boat shoes in summer.

Finishing touches

Whether you’re dressing up or down with your tweed, remember that you can make any outfit your own with accessories like ties, shoes, pocket squares and more. Explore our full range of tweed suits and tweed blazers or head over to our Style Inspiration page for more fashion tips and advice.

Explore the full Slater Menswear collection on the website. 

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