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A decade in the making: A groom's guide to the perfect suit

13 May 2019

Alicia Dunning teams up with her groom, Phil, to discuss their journey towards finding the perfect wedding suits

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We’re less than five months away from the big day now and everything seems to be ticking along quite nicely in terms of the wedding planning, so this month we decided it was time to pick the wedding suits. Phil is very particular about what he likes to wear, especially when it comes to suits and fitted clothing so it was important to us both that we chose the groomsmen suits together. With that in mind, I thought it might be a bit of a change to write this month’s blog together too.

The boutique where I bought my wedding dress, Wife to Be Bridal, has a sister store that specialises in suit hire and the team were able to offer us a discount on suits because I’d already bought my dress with them. We decided we’d try there first.


What was most important to you when going to look for a suit?

Phil: The cost and how long it was going to take… joking, probably the fitting. I wanted to make sure it was a slim fit because I don’t really like things being too baggy.

Alicia: When we got to the store, we knew we wanted blue or navy suits and I had taken a swatch from the bridesmaids' dresses to make sure we were able to match them up to the ties. Phil got measured so that we could ensure that it was a good fit and then tried on the first option, it was a navy suit with a grey/blue waist coat, burgundy tie and tan shoes.

Phil: I kind of liked the fit of the first suit but the colour wasn’t right, it was too dark and the shoes looked odd.


Alicia: I agreed so we started deconstructing the suit and looking at all of the options for each element. We knew the navy trousers and jacket were too dark so tried a different shade of blue which we thought was much nicer and more complementary to the wedding colours. We both liked that so at least that was the first element sorted – then we had the waist coat, did we want blue or grey? All one colour or checked? Silk or wool?

Phil: I thought we were going to go for a wool waist coat in grey check with burgundy, but when we got there I think we changed our minds. I liked the grey and the grey and blue together. We liked two different options so we decided that we’d have one for me and a different one for the rest of the groomsmen so that I stand out. Next up, ties – did we want a cravat or a tie? A thick tie or slim tie?


Phil: I usually like a slim tie but I don’t think it looked right with a wedding suit, it looked too casual. And I definitely didn’t like the cravat, it just looked too big. So that was the majority of the suit sorted, we just needed to decide on the shoes. Again, we had loads of options: black, dark brown, light brown, tan or ox blood.


Alicia: I won’t tell you what we decided on in the end, I’d like to try keep a few things under wraps until the actual wedding but it was good to know there were lots of options. Picking a suit was actually a lot more challenging than I first thought it would be.

Phil: Yeah, I’d probably agree. We knew what colours we wanted so it helped having the colour scheme sorted and going to the wedding shows first, but there was more to think about than I thought there would be.

Alicia: Even though we’d picked the suit we liked we still went to several other suit hires like Slater Menswear, Moss Bros and Debenhams to make sure that we’d checked out all of the options. However, nowhere quite matched up to the suit from Wife to Be so we did the full order with them. We just need to get the nine men down to the shop for their fittings now and we’ve cracked it.


Usually I’d end the blog with my top tips but as this was all about finding the perfect suit, I thought I’d let Phil give you his instead:

  • Stick to an idea. If you see something you like at a wedding show or in a magazine then try stick to it as much as possible. There are lots of options and it's easy to get lost in it all, but if you know what you want it makes it easier.
  • Wear dark socks, or at least take them with you. They will go with all of the suit options and it looks weird trying on suits without them.
  • Make sure you’ve done your hair like you would on the wedding day. I was running late and hadn’t styled my hair and it annoyed me the entire time I was trying on suits, it was all I could see when I looked in the mirror. 

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