Creating that unforgettable proposal moment

02 Oct 2017

Are you ready to get down on one knee but still feel a little unsure how to make your proposal extra special? Here's how...

Coming up with the ‘right’ way to ask those four words, “Will you marry me?”, can be a challenge and there are many different ways for you to do it, but it’s important to remember your proposal should be completely personal and represent you and your partner’s love for one another.

To help, here are some great ideas to help make your proposal even more unforgettable.

Find the right ring

An engagement ring can feel like the hardest decision to make when planning a proposal. Not only do you need to find something in your price range but that your partner will want to wear forever more as well... no pressure. Spend some time looking at what they wear on an everyday basis, consider their job and how active they are and find something that suits them.

You could even involve your partner’s family in the search for the engagement ring. Share the secret from the beginning, asking for their help on picking the right one. Siblings often get the inside scoop on what it is that your partner would want, so ask them for their help.

There could also be a family heirloom that your other half wants or a ring that has been passed down for years. You can get their friends involved on the day of the proposal by distracting your partner and getting them in the right place at the right time. Why not discreetly hire a photographer as well, to capture the special moment?

For the cute factor, why not play a game? This could be done in the form of a treasure hunt where you write clues for your partner. Have the final location as somewhere you can hide; pop out, then get down on one knee to present that beautiful ring.

Be yourself

This is the most important thing you need to do. Your partner has already fallen in love with who for you are and your personality, so don't try and change that for this specific moment. Avoid getting wrapped up in every minor detail, as you will just complicate things for yourself and take the authenticity out of the gesture.

Make it unique

You should incorporate the personality of your relationship into your proposal to make it creative. Avoid copying other people or celebrities and instead, be spontaneous and romantic. The proposal needs to stay true to the way that your relationship works and who you both are as people. Ever hear about the guy who took a photo with his wife every day for five months, with ‘marry me’ hints in and she didn’t have a clue? While you don’t need to dedicate 365 days to planning your proposal, do something you and your partner will remember that reflects you as a couple.

Ever heard of the Flash Mob Proposal? You can incorporate different elements of your relationship into a flash mob set to a song of your choice. You can include dancers, singers or both. Whether you’re in the flash mob from the start or you step out of the crowd to join in, always end up on one knee.

Skywriting is a really unique way to propose. You can have an intimate and private proposal while still confessing your love to the world for your partner. Or as an alternative, hire a plane to fly a banner over your town displaying those all-important words. 

Or why not put the ring in your partner’s food or at the bottom of their drink? Just make sure it's visible.


Here are a few suggestions of where to pop that question:

Sentimental location – why not propose somewhere that means something to the both of you, a special place close to both of your hearts? For example, the first place you met or where you had your first date. When a location holds sentimental value it is likely to make your proposal even more romantic and memorable.

Holiday – proposing on holiday has always been a popular way to pop the question. You will both be relaxed and in a new setting away from your everyday life and routine. Think about the time and the place; is there anywhere on your holiday that particularly stands out to your partner? You could propose on a beautiful beach or during a candle-lit dinner by the sea. You have to cover your footsteps with this one though and be careful when leaving brochures around the house. Remember to also delete your internet history or you could ruin the surprise. Take a look at these top European destinations to propose in if you need some inspiration.

Your proposal will be something you can celebrate for the rest of your life so take your time planning everything and all will fall into place just as you wish.

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