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01 Aug 2011

Cover Girl

Amazing hair and make-up play a major part in making a bride look and feel special on her big day. Professional stylist and hairdresser Cornelius Kwakernaak offers his top tips for achieving the ‘wow’ factor

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•Book a trial session for your hair and make-up three to six months in advance of the wedding. This allows the stylist to assess the condition of your hair and skin, and to recommend the best advice for improvement before the big day. Use an organic shampoo and conditioner in the run-up to your wedding in order to get hair really healthy and shiny. Also, have facials every five weeks to get to work on your skin, with the last facial at least two weeks before your wedding day.

•It is a really good idea to have a look at some websites and magazines before you meet your stylist – pick out styles that you like and can identify with, even if you think that the style may not work with your hair type; it is amazing what a good stylist can achieve. Try not to buy hair accessories before your trial session – it is important to choose the accessories to complement the hairstyle rather than the other way around.

•When choosing a hairstyle for your wedding day, remember to bear in mind that it needs to be long lasting – you don’t want to be worrying about fixing your hair every half an hour throughout the day.

•With regards to make-up, it is a good idea to have your trial in daylight – you want to look flawless in your photographs and daylight is the most unforgiving light for imperfections. If you can get it right in daylight, then your make-up should look perfect through to the evening.

•A professional make-up artist can really help with problem areas. I use special products for problems such as shiny skin, dark circles, and redness. I also use long-lasting products and primers to ensure that the bride’s make-up stays perfect for hours.

•The current trends for bridal hair and make-up are 1970s natural, 1920s-50s Hollywood glamour, and 80s punk. It is best to keep the look very ladylike, and complement your features and your body and facial shape. There should be a balance between the wedding dress, hair, make-up and accessories, to ensure that they all work in unison.

•Popular hairstyles at the moment include the softly curled up-do, longer styles such as lower and side buns, and hair curled and put to one side. If you have particularly short or fine hair and have your heart set on a particular hairstyle, clip-in extensions can add volume and length and allow the stylist to try some different options for you. Smaller hair accessories such as fresh flowers, glass, pearls and diamanté are becoming more popular in place of larger accessories such as tiaras. The trend with veils is also changing, with more brides wearing their veil at the crown or at the back of the hair as it is more flattering in photographs. It also avoids faux pas such as getting lipstick on the veil!

•If the bridesmaids are wearing the same dresses, it works well for them all to have the same or similar hairstyles for maximum effect. Their hair should not detract from the bride’s – simple and subtle is usually the best look for bridesmaids.

•If you are fair, getting your eyelashes and eyebrows professionally darkened will add more definition to your face. Good eyebrow shaping is also extremely important, as the eyebrows frame your face – try threading to achieve the perfect shape. For a more dramatic look, consider eyelash extensions; a professional fake tan will add a subtle but healthy glow; and think about a manicure or nail extensions for close-up photographs of the ring. Last but not least – drink plenty of water before the day to detox and clear your skin.

Overall, you need to feel comfortable and confident with your wedding day look so that you can enjoy being the centre of attention!

Cornelius (Cor Kwakernaak)

Professional International Hair & Make-Up Artist

07710 457174 |

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