Couple opts to have wedding photographed entirely on a SMARTPHONE

27 Nov 2019

Documentary photographer Ian Weldon teamed up with Huawei to capture the couple’s wedding day exclusively on a Huawei P30 Pro smartphone

Turning their backs on tradition, Holly Eeles and James Sherris decided against conventional wedding photography and chose a smartphone to capture the action instead.

The couple who married at Low Wood Bay Resort and Spa in Windermere, Lake District, with 70 guests in attendance, were thrilled with the results (which can be seen in the gallery above). 

They said: "We were nervous about swapping a professional camera for a smartphone to capture our wedding, but we were totally blown away by the quality of the photos. We couldn’t be happier with how they turned out."

Ian Weldon was the photographer assigned by Huawei to document the special moments of the day. He said: "In most instances, photographers would have at least two cameras, multiple lenses and lighting equipment. But having shot Holly and James’s wedding exclusively on the Huawei P30 Pro, I can safely say it is also possible to capture an entire wedding on a smartphone.

"My usual photography style is capturing candid moments, and the P30 Pro allowed me to move around and capture moments that would have been more difficult if using a traditional camera.”



The news follows a recent study by Huawei which revealed that 38% of married Brits preferred the images taken on guests' smartphones than their professional photos. The research also unearthed the following statistics:

  • 35% regretted how their wedding pictures turned out
  • 29% said their favourite wedding picture was an unstaged shot
  • 40% imposed a photo sharing ban on guests on their wedding day

However, there will always be a place in the market for for wedding photographers as digital editor Sarah Harris advises: "Couples will always require a professional to shoot their wedding and a photographer's expertise and experience of what makes a great wedding shot is second to none. While smartphones are becoming increasingly technologically advanced, so too is a wedding photographer's kit and they will always have the latest technology to meet demand.

"Research wedding photographers thoroughly by looking at their websites, social media pages and reviews, as well as their portfolio of work before arranging a meeting. Also ask for recommendations from married couples you know."

To highlight the potential pitfalls of wedding photography to ensure other couples don't encounter the same problems, Huawei has also shared a list of respondents' top 15 wedding photo regrets:

  1. Not enough photos with family
  2. There weren't enough photos taken
  3. Bad lighting
  4. Not enough photos with friends
  5. Wrong photographer
  6. Bad weather
  7. Bad backdrop e.g. choice of venue
  8. The pictures looked staged
  9. Everyone looked awkward
  10. People I no longer speak to are in the photos
  11. They looked too formal
  12. I've got my eyes shut
  13. Everyone made funny faces
  14. No one looks like they're enjoying themselves
  15. I don't remember the photos being taken

Did your wedding pictures not turn out the way you thought they would? Or did you have a novel idea for wedding photography on your big day? Get in touch; email

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