Contrasting wedding decor ideas: Moody Hues Vs Blush & Grey

19 Jan 2017

Newly launched design and styling business, One Stylish Day, shares two inspirational shoots to help you plan your wedding decor - offering stunning themes in contrasting colour palettes

Based in the North of England, One Stylish Day takes a fresh approach to wedding planning by designing a wedding experience inspired by each individual couple rather than traditions, fashions or clichés.

The brainchild of Louise Hughes, who brings years of experience in the fashion industry to her business as a wedding planner, says: “I was struck by the repetitive nature of weddings, where the same design features occur again and again regardless of the personal tastes and personalities of the couple. We are not afraid to break with tradition to create a day that is truly different; genuinely spectacular, but this doesn’t mean piling on the bells and whistles. Our weddings are unashamedly design-led and pared back.”

Here, we go behind the scenes of two contrasting shoots created by One Stylish Day; while 'Moody Hues' is dark, dramatic and bold, Blush & Grey is pure and natural with sensual undertones. Louise divulges all the details....

What was the inspiration behind both the shoots?

For Moody Hues, I was inspired by the current interior design trend for dark, moody colours. As this is not a typical scheme for a wedding, it makes a really bold, dramatic impact.



For Blush & Grey, I took a much softer palette, but I wanted to elevate it from run-of-the-mill romantic to something light, airy and ethereal. I was inspired by slightly wild, overgrown English gardens.



How did you tie the whole theme together?

The main colour used in Moody Hues was indigo which gives a beautiful, rich look while allowing some light to reflect. This was layered with tonal black and navy for depth and contrasted with plum and brass details to highlight; this layered technique ties the theme together without making it flat or monochrome.



A similar technique was used for Blush & Grey, except this time the tones used were washed out and muted. In this scheme, textures were important too; linen, silk, vellum paper and rustic ceramics create organic layers which add warmth and softness throughout the scheme.



What did you choose for the flower arrangements?

Moody Hues: Green fern leaves and seeded grasses were laid as a runner down the centre of the table, interspersed with dramatic dahlia heads in oxblood and merlot reds. With such a moody colour palette it was important that texture was introduced to the overall look, so deep purple-black dill and cornflower heads were nestled among the foliage and a last minute addition of ripe figs.


Blush & Grey: Dainty poppies, frilly garden roses and delicately scented sweetpea were mixed in with foliage picked from the hedgerows in a natural and romantic style, with touches of dove grey senecio foliage and silver speckled poppy heads. All the blooms were grown in Cheshire and arranged in a loose and ethereal way to add softness and romance to the table, with trailing foliage weaving in between the candles, glasses and cakes as if they had been simply growing there when we set the table.


What advice would you give couples on where to start with their wedding theme/colour scheme and décor?

Let you and your style dictate your wedding; don't let 'weddings' dictate your day. This is at the very core of what we do at One Stylish Day. Before you get sucked into Pinterest and Instagram and become completely overwhelmed by what everyone else is doing, take some time to stop and reflect. Look around your home, look in your wardrobe and think about how you spend your time. These are the very things that should have the most impact on how your wedding day looks and feels. 



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