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DIY projects and wedding worries: confessions of a feminist bride-to-be

19 Dec 2017

In part six of this bride-to-be blog, Sophie Elliott talks about her pre-wedding anxieties and the projects she’s working on to try and relax

When I first got engaged in January 2017, everybody warned me that wedding planning would zoom by and that, before I knew it, our wedding would be upon us. I quickly dismissed these claims, and throughout the year it has felt as though time has been moving really slowly. Then, suddenly, I woke up and there were less than five months to go. And now, the panic has set in.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m not panicking about the wedding itself. I can’t wait to get married to my fiancé, and the day itself is going to be full of love and celebration. But there are just two months to go until we need to begin making payments, and there are still little things to sort out such as decorations. Plus, we’re both nervous. Neither Luke nor I are very good at being the centre of attention, and the idea of having all eyes on me makes my heart jump into my mouth. I’m also anxious about the day running smoothly, and organising and coordinating everything in the week beforehand.

I also think my anxieties are currently heightened because of the season; once winter is over and spring arrives, there will be mere weeks to go until our big day. Christmas is less than a week away and the new year will soon begin, and I am so busy both with work and wedding appointments for the next four months that I know they’re going to just fly by. And then it will finally be our wedding day. Eek.


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So what have we been up to since my last blog entry? Our invitations were sent out in November, six months before the big day. We’ve (finally) booked our wedding cake with Little A’s Cakery. We gave notice with our local council, which was far easier and less complicated than we were anticipating. The bridesmaids have their dresses, Luke has his suit, and our parents are gradually getting there with their outfits. Because scent is very important to me, my maid of honour and I spent an afternoon having a Jo Malone bridal consultation, where I spent far too much money on my wedding perfume.


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Our custom-designed wedding favours have been ordered and should be delivered just after Christmas. We’ve purchased gifts for the groomsmen, bridesmaids and our parents. I won an ‘ultimate’ hen party, and then months later decided to ditch it because the companies involved were frustrating me by not confirming details. My second dress has been altered and tried on again, and looks perfect. We have also booked a professional photographer, Georgia Rachael.

With Christmas so close by, it has been hard to stop myself from going crazy by thinking about too much at once. In an attempt to curb my anxieties, I’ve started working on a few DIY elements for the day. Not long ago, I purchased a large A2 painting in a lovely, rustic white frame from our local charity shop for just £2.50. When I went to remove the painting from the frame, I found that there were actually two pieces: the painting itself, and a separate wood backing. So, to create a DIY blackboard for our seating plan, I sanded down the piece of wood, applied a thick layer of chalkboard paint, and left it to dry. It turned out perfectly, and is currently sat in my home office waiting for me to chalk the final seating plan onto it. To support the frame, I purchased an easel from Amazon.


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Another DIY project I’ve embarked on is a little display for our card and gift table. When we first began wedding planning I’d bought a tonne of stuff from various stores that I thought would be good to use; months on, I’d realised I had no idea what to do with them. Two wooden crates, a bag full of artificial flowers and wire letters – an L and an S – had been sat in my office for ages, so I decided to get creative. One of the crates now has brown twine running through it, to which several photographs of Luke and I have been attached with mini pegs. The other crate is yet to be completed, but will consist of the wire letters wrapped in battery-powered LED lights and covered in tissue paper to create light-up letters, surrounded by the artificial flowers.


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At a wedding I photographed in the summer, the couple had used a wooden pallet to create a sign that laid out the order of the day. I’m really hoping I can find a pallet somewhere so I can make something similar, so I’ve enlisted my dad’s help to try and source an unwanted one for free. I still have plenty of chalkboard paint left over, so this will be an easy one once I’ve got the pallet.


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Aside from a couple of other DIY projects I have planned, I’m going to try and relax over the holiday period. Christmas and New Year’s Day can be stressful at the best of time, so there’s no point adding to that with wedding worries. Check back in for my next blog post, where we’ll be even closer to the big day… gulp. 

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