Christian Bauer Jewellery

16 Dec 2011

Christian Bauer Jewellery

Not ‘a’ wedding ring... THE wedding ring!

All wedding rings are similar aren’t they?

Would you say the same about a car, a wristwatch or a camera…of course not! So let me tell you a few things about the ring that you and your betrothed will have on your fingers for the rest of your married lives. Empower yourself with some real knowledge to help you make a truly INFORMED choice.

There are four ways to make a wedding ring.

Hand-made; The best? No actually not the best. You can have a big input in design but he ring is heated making it soft. It will also almost certainly have a joint (a weak point) it will bend and scratch easily and it will not be absolutely precise.

Casting. Made as a clone of an original master model. The same downside with heating here, the ring is soft and malleable and lacks absolute precision. The upside is it’s relatively cheap. Would you like to buy a cheap pair of wedding rings???

Cut from extruded tube in batches and milled. The ring has a limited depth but better finish than the former methods. The finish is usually good but not perfect. It is less dense (heavy) than a forged ring.

Forged and Milled by hand using high-tech digital machinery. Each ring is made ‘individually’. The process is time consuming – you know… like making a Porsche or a Mercedes-Benz.

This is, of course how Christian Bauer makes rings. And this is why they are held in such high esteem in the trade. Christian Bauer makes its own precious metal alloys in an oxygen-free

furnace to avoid porosity. Then the blank is rolled through 150 tonne rolling mills to harden the metal. It is then dressed to size with milling machinery and any design is added with diamond cutting tools. Cold forging and milling produces a very precise and very hard (damage resisting) ring. All diamonds set are measured to the third decimal point for total accuracy. Just look at a Christian Bauer ring and compare it to another, even a layman can tell the difference. Is it a more expensive way to make a ring? – definitely! Is it the best ring in the World – Absolutely!

Christian Bauer has another division. They actually make precision parts for… yes Porsche, Mercedes, BMW, N.A.S.A (Space Shuttle) and Boeing Air Corporation. And you know what? They make their wedding rings with the same degree of precision. Are they hot on quality control? No, actually they are fanatical!

Do you need to compromise on the cost of your wedding? Perhaps. Now think about what’s left the day after your wedding, the food? the drinks? the flowers? No, just three things will be witness to your great day. Your Photos and video, your rings and oh yes – your beloved!

Do you want your partner to have the finest ring in the World or will you compromise on the very symbol of your marriage. What are you going to do…………………….. now you know the truth?

Christian Bauer – For Life.

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