Chris Hall - Isles of Scilly Wedding Photographer

02 Oct 2012

Chris Hall - Isles of Scilly Wedding Photographer

Chris Hall - Isles of Scilly Wedding Photographer

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Image gallery

Scilly and photography have been an enormous part of my life for a long time. I began my photography in Scilly over 45 years ago. Though I have travelled and lived overseas me and my family came home to Scilly 7 years ago and began building up professional photography business and guest house.

I work hard producing as beautiful images as I can mainly in the field of seascapes, portraiture and wedding photography. Here you have to turn your hand to anything that comes down the pike. Thus I am lead into the wonderful worlds of press photography, magazine work, PR and anything else anybody wants me to photograph. One day its a rough boat trip in the middle of winter to shoot vineyards on St Marins island. The next a family portrait on the beach in lovely evening light. All of the work is a challenge but it allows my creative juices to flow. Every day I feel privileged to be living and working as a photographer in an astoundingly beautiful place with many people I like and know well.

And then there is the light! It really is exceptional. I can’t explain why its so immensely rich here. As I sit here in my office looking out through the window of the cottage in late September, I see it there again even at mid day. Many people wont recognise it, but if you are a lover of light then you will be able to discern its special beauty and be able to really see it. ( If that makes any sense) Yes there are dull days and days when the light is good but a little flat but there are also many days throughout the year when the light just .....explodes! Because I’m here all year that’s the time I am able to get out there and look carefully and really see Scilly lit majestically.

Recently I have a new website for my land seascapes. So far its been great. There is quite a lot of interest in the high quality larger images mounted on board and canvases which have to seen to appreciate the quality. I think they are popular because they are really art pieces. People can order on line and the work arrives beautifully packaged at their door.

In complete contrast I am passionate about portrait and weddings photography and have spent a lot of time training with some of the very best contemporary photographers in this field. Last year I spent a week in Sydney Australia training with Jerry Ghions, recognised as one of the worlds very best. I love being part of someones most important day whether it be an important family portraits or a beautiful wedding in Scilly. I look for the emotion and love that plays out during the shoot. I want my photographs to be treasured not just because they are good professional images but because I have captured the spirit of the person and occasion. My wedding and portraiture website is;

For me photography and living here enable me to follow two passions. Neither one is a hobby but a way of life.

Chris Hall’s contact number info is;

01720 422506

Pelistry Cottage

The Parade

St Marys

Isles of Scilly

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Edj 31 March 2020
ONLY GIVEN ONE STAR AS HAVE TO, didn’t have the option of 0 stars or minus stars!!! Having paid a deposit of £200 for our wedding photography in May 2020, once the government closed down registry offices and all non essential travel, I asked Chris for a refund thinking this would be ok as in these times, why would someone hold you to their terms and conditions. We were not cancelling because we’d changed our minds, we are not actually able to go ahead. WOULD YOU BELIEVE, He wont refund us. Saying his professional organisation say he is capable of providing the wedding photography so we cant have our money back. How can a wedding photographer photograph a wedding that can’t happen?? Aside from this person keeping a clients money in these circumstances when he can’t provide the services, be aware that where we booked to stay on the Scillies has also refused to refund, the Grottick’s at Tolman Guest House. No thought for us who have not been able to carry on with our wedding preparations or the morals and ethics of this situation. They are both profiteering from our misfortune and this shows what kind of character they are. Selfish people who think more about themselves than others. VOTE WITH YOUR FEET AND YOUR CONSCIENCE ABOUT DEALING WITH SUCH PEOPLE, especially engaging them for what should be the most beautiful day of your life.


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