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Choosing your bridal flowers – top 10 tips

05 Jan 2015

Choosing your bridal flowers – top 10 tips

With a new book, Paula Pryke Wedding Flowers Exceptional Floral Design for Exceptional Occasions published this month (January 15) Paula Pryke gives Bride readers her top 10 tips on choosing your bridal flowers

Flowers add to the beauty, scent and colour of your day. Once you have decided upon your dress, your floral designer will help you find the perfect bouquet. I love to meet brides at one of their fittings as the bridal gown completely transforms them. 


1  The flowers need to complement the dress perfectly. If it is not practical to see the bride in her dress then I ask for a photo of her in her dress. As a general rule the more intricate and detailed the dress the simpler the flowers should be. 


2  Overwhelmingly brides chose the traditional white but some use the flowers to bring the colour to the event. The flowers have to be in proportion to the bride's height and size and also to the style of the dress. 


3 Other important factors will be the time of year, the setting and the length of the event. Some flowers are more sturdy than others and popular choices such as lily of the valley and sweet peas don't do well in the full heat of the summer. 


4 One aspect to consider is having some scented flowers. If possible I always think it is lovely to include some fragrance. However bear in mind that all scented flowers are usually more fragile than non-scented varieties. 


5 The main choice is whether to have a natural hand tied bouquet or whether to have a wired bouquet. Wired bouquets allow for the florist to make a long design or a more intricate design. Traditionally all bouquets were wired but in the last 25 years there has been an increase of natural stemmed bouquets. Whichever you decide on your florist can cover the stems or handle with some wedding silk or satin ribbon. 


6 My favourite flower choices for bridal bouquets are roses, peonies, ranunculus, lily of the valley, sweet peas, and orchids. Mixed varieties in bouquets also look gorgeous so consider that as an option to having all one type of flower.


7 It is always a good idea to include seasonal flowers as they are less expensive and will be at their peak.


8 The bridal flowers are often the last thing to be finalised so don't worry about making a decision early on in the planning unless you absolutely know what you want.


9 Ideally the bridal flowers should be delivered at the last minute and placed in a cool spot until you are ready to move off to your ceremony. Your florist will advise you on how to carry them. 


10 Finally radiate happiness - it is infectious! The best weddings are the ones when the bride and groom are hopelessly in love and their happiness is contagious. All you need is love for the perfect wedding on any scale, budget and location. Don't forget to throw your gorgeous bouquet to spread the magic!



Paula Pryke Wedding Flowers is published by Jacqui Small on January 15, £30, hardback cover, for more information visit www.jacquismallpub.com

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