5 tips: choosing music for your wedding ceremony

26 Jan 2014

5 tips: choosing music for your wedding ceremony

Choosing the wedding ceremony music for your bridal entrance music, wedding recession music and wedding hymns can be a daunting task!

James Hughes from Weddingmusictips.co.uk brings you this easy to use guide to take the stress out of choosing the music for your wedding ceremony.

1. Processional

The Speed of the Music

In considering the music for your entrance, you should remember that you will probably be wearing a long, flowing dress with some new shoes/high heels. On top of this, you will be excited and perhaps a little nervous. The last thing that you want is to be running along to a fast piece of music. This is your moment - take it in and enjoy every second.

The Distance You Have to Walk

If your wedding is in a big church with a long aisle, your will need a longer piece of wedding ceremony processional music that will last for the whole length of the procession. If you are getting married in a small and intimate ceremony room, the music will not need to last as long. You should also consider asking your musician to play the famous section from the piece that you have chosen...you don’t just want the long introduction that nobody knows!

2. Signing of the Register

Choose Quiet Background Music

When you are signing the legal documents, it is important for you to be able to clearly hear the registrar/minister’s instructions. Your guests will now be chatting amongst themselves until it is time for them to take their photographs. We recommend that you choose a piece of wedding ceremony music that can be played quietly in the background so that it sets a nice mood, but does not distract you from the task at hand.

The Length of the Music

This part of the service usually takes the longest amount of time. You both have to sign the register, as do your witnesses and the registrar/minister who is marrying you. Your wedding photographer will then take posed photographs of you around the marriage register. In some ceremonies, your guests are also invited to come up to the front and take photographs. We recommend that you have either a long, slow piece of wedding music played for the signing of the register, or instead, two shorter pieces that are played at this point.

3. Recessional (Departure of the Bridal Party)

Choose a Triumphant piece

You are now officially married...it is time to start celebrating! We recommend that you choose a loud, triumphant, celebratory piece of wedding recessional music that will add to the excitement of the occasion.

How Long Will It Take to Clear The Room/Church?

The piece that you choose to be played at the end of your wedding ceremony should last until all of your guests have left the building. It is important to remember that your photographer may want to take some photographs of you at the entrance of the church/ceremony room. Your guests will be waiting behind you during these photos, and it is nice for the final piece of wedding ceremony music to still be playing during this time.



4. Well Known Hymns

How Many Hymns Should I Have?

If you enjoy singing hymns and have a musical family, then I would recommend choosing three of your favourite Christian wedding hymns. Singing hymns is a great way to make everybody feel involved in the service. If, however, you do not often go to church and singing hymns is a new thing for you, then I would recommend choosing two really famous hymns that your friends and family might remember singing in school assemblies.

What Hymns am I Allowed to Choose?

The well known hymns that we have recorded are recommended for wedding ceremonies by the Church of England website. You will be able to discuss your hymn choices further with your vicar who will be keen to guide you through the process.


Written by James Hughes For further information, please visit www.weddingmusictip.co.uk


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