Chocolate Truffle Favours!

13 Feb 2015

Chocolate Truffle Favours!

Boho Weddings and The Lovelist Food talk us through how to make your own delicious chocolate truffles that would be perfect as favours on your big day.

Image gallery

Image gallery

Images by The Lovelist Food

What you’ll need

300g good-quality dark chocolate
100g milk chocolate
300ml pot double cream
Coating of your choice (nuts, chocolate flakes etc)
Confectionary bag
Piping bag


How to

1. Heat the cream in a saucepan, stirring regularly until you see little bubbles around the edges

2. Put 300g of chocolate blocks into a bowl and pour hot cream over the top. Leave until all the chocolate has melted and you have a thick ganache.

3. Leave chocolate ganache aside until cool. You should now have a thick, set mixture which will be the centre of your truffle

4. Move ganache into your piping bag and twist the end to close it, moving all mixture down to the bottom of the bag. Cut the end of the piping bag creating a hole of around 2cm

5. On your baking tray, pipe long and fairly thick logs of the ganache and then pop them into the fridge to harden. Leave for 20-30 minutes.

6. Slice into pieces that are about 1cm in width


7. Form rough balls by rolling the pieces in your hands. Don’t handle for too long or they’ll start to melt

8. Melt your remaining 100g of chocolate with the use of hot water in a sauce pan and a bowl on the top. Lift off the bowl of melted chocolate and allow to cool slightly

9.  Coat your fingers with melted chocolate then rub it all over the truffle centre this will ensure an even coating. Drop the truffle onto your desired coating.


10. Once you’ve coated all your truffles allow them to set for 10-15 minutes.

11. Place truffles into your confectionary bags and tie with ribbon. Hey presto you’re done! 

You could also make them with white chocolate if you prefer although you need to change the ratio of chocolate to whipping cream due to the varying fat contents:

  • 2:1 dark chocolate e.g. 200g dark choc to 100ml cream
  • 3:1 milk chocolate e.g. 300g dark choc to 100ml cream (as above)
  • 4:1 white chocolate e.g. 400g dark choc to 100ml cream


Article courtesy of Boho Weddings!





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