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Capturing the moment

14 Jul 2011

Capturing the moment

The groom arriving at the church with his attendants; the bride taking a deep breath before walking down the aisle; uncle Jack falling asleep at the bar… special moments that the bride or groom can easily miss, but there is a way to keep and share those lost moments forever.

Mike Brown of Magic Video Moments has been capturing weddings on film since 1985 and has seen the industry evolve from wobbly, hand-held camcorders to the quality DVDs that are produced today by professional wedding videographers.

“There are moments during the day that only one of the couple will see, plus lots of other times throughout the day when things happen that they’re not aware of,” said Mike. “A wedding DVD shows them so much more of their day, and provides a lasting record which they can relive for years to come.”

He has gone from working alone to having three experienced cameramen working with him, helping to film and produce between 40-50 wedding films each year. He now travels all over the country filming weddings, from north Norfolk to north Wales, distance is no object.

Keeping up with the latest technology is also essential for Mike, as he strives to produce the best quality films.

“People want the quality that High Definition and Blu-ray can offer,” he said. “We have invested a lot of money to get the technology right and when it comes to the day itself, there is even the option to have two cameramen, which allows both bride and groom to be filmed preparing for their day, then continuing throughout the day capturing so much more of the highlights, but staying always in the background.

“The definition of a good wedding videographer is when you go to say goodbye to the bride and groom at the end of the evening and they haven’t even noticed you were there.”

Even so, there are opportunities for the bride and groom and their guests to get involved with the video process. Video messages are very popular and are an ideal way to bridge the gap between the end of the meal and speeches and the start of the evening, said Mike.

Another unusual option that Magic Video Moments can offer is “marryoke”. This new craze sees the bride and groom and their guests invited to sing and dance along to a favourite track, which is later dubbed over with the real track to produce a music video.

“It’s hard work and you only get one shot at it,” said Mike, but the biggest reward is when he receives letters and recommendations from customers after they’ve watched their DVD. After all that work, not being able to see their faces as they watch it for the first time is a regret for Mike, but the testimonials are a good substitute.

“We want people to laugh and cry and have all those emotions again, because you spend so long planning this one day, and then it goes in the blink of an eye – but a Wedding DVD can make those memories last forever.”

For more information contact Mike on 01603 407097, or visit www.magic-video-moments.co.uk.

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