Building a brand to reach your target audience

25 Jul 2019

Gemma Illes, founder of, discusses branding and the branding exercises she undertook to re-focus her business

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Knicker Locker is an independent online shop specialising in underwear and swimwear for both men and women, where we help customers find the perfect size and fit.

What is branding?

I believe branding is all the ways to define your business, yourself and your team to your customers. A lot of people believe it’s about logos and colours but it’s far more than that.

Branding is extremely important to any business, but can also be very difficult to get right, so I’ve learnt with Knicker Locker. It can change how people perceive your business as well as bring in new customers and increase general awareness. Your brand needs to stand out from all the others, so it’s not worth mimicking the same look as big chain brands.

Great questions to ask yourself when you are branding:

  • What does your business do?
  • Why do you do it?
  • Where do you want the business to go in the future?
  • Who are your customers?
  • What’s your USP?


Knicker Locker went through a re-branding exercise back in December 2017, where our initial brand image was very much focused on a female demographic as our key target market between ages of 30 – 45, however, over time we began to realise half of our customers were in fact men. We took a step back and re-evaluated our branding and decided to change it to appeal to both men and women. This was a big step for us as our brand had to be simple and gender neutral to attract both men and women to our website. We launched a brand new website design with a cleaner and more gender neutral look. This included a new logo and strapline.

As well as having a good brand image, your brand should also have a distinct USP and colour theme that can be consistent across all channels including business cards, email newsletters and leaflets, so your audience can recognise it. Let your brand tell a story and have a clear message every time you advertise.

Knicker Locker’s USP is that we offer underwear and swimwear to both men and women. We also focus on brand packaging that is simple, gender-neutral and runs with our colour theme of grey, white and deep pink. This appeals to both men and women.

Another big part of branding is marketing or content strategy to strengthen the brand's identity. You need to be able to make a noise about your brand and tell people what makes it special. We have identified certain advertising platforms that work for us including blog reviews, Facebook and Google Ads, where the Knicker Locker brand has a voice and engages with the right audience. We also have our own blog platform called Knicker Blogger, that offers great brand content and shows customers what products we offer and have just started our own video series on our YouTube channel.

It’s rare that a business will get its branding spot on straight away. It will take time and you may need to re-brand more than once, but I personally think that branding is about learning, growing and adapting with your brand, and that’s the fun of it. 

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