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Bride Debate: Should you invite children to your wedding?

29 Aug 2019

Bride editors Sarah Harris (digital) and Amanda Griffiths (magazines) and tackle the subject of whether or not to invite children to your wedding day

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Image gallery

YES, says Sarah Harris who married Jonathan Harris in April 2019

“Many couples don’t want to have children at their wedding for various reasons but for me it was important we did… and they definitely added a few laughs to the day.

“I loved having my younger relatives at my wedding, three of whom had very important roles: my nieces, Odette and Ella, were my flowergirls and my nephew, Benji, was my pageboy. Jon and I also invited four of my cousins’ children. They ranged in age from three to nine-years-old, so we had to ensure there was plenty for them to do throughout the day. We set up a games room aside from the main room, which included toys and an Xbox. We also added activity packs to their place settings.

“When it came to food, the venue’s wedding co-ordinator allowed us to pre-order from the children’s meal and she also put out nibbles in the games room before the evening food was served.

“Other than children in your immediate family, you shouldn’t feel obliged to invite all the youngsters you know to your wedding. Speak to your family to gauge their opinions, but ultimately, it is your decision.”


Image: Nick Murray Photography

NO, says Amanda Griffiths who married Andrew Woollacott in May 2015

“We are not a child-friendly couple, always choosing to book adult-only hotels for holidays, so did not want to invite children to our day. However, we did concede to inviting our niece and nephews, and my goddaughters, who were flowergirls.

“We were a bit worried about this decision as many of our closest friends have children and were travelling long distances to attend, so it wasn’t just a case of finding a babysitter for a day, but for the whole weekend.

“We spoke to all those concerned before sending invitations, hoping they would say this was not a problem – and they did – they had no hesitation about leaving the children behind. There was only one of my evening guests who questioned whether her son was invited as well and when I explained it was a no children wedding, declined to come.

“Having a child-free wedding can be a great decision. Parents can relax and enjoy the day without worrying if little *insert name* is going to cry blue murder during the ceremony, or say something inappropriate during the vows or speeches...”


Image: Lisa Aldersley, LA Photography

What we agree on...

Children can offer another layer of fun at a wedding but you shouldn't feel obliged to invite them if you don't want them there. 

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