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Bride Debate: Should you change your surname after marriage?

13 Jun 2019

Bride editors Amanda Griffiths(magazines) and Sarah Harris (digital) offer their thoughts on changing your name after marriage

Image: Thomas AE via Unsplash

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Image gallery

Sarah George married Jon Harris in April, 2019 and after much deliberation, decided to take his surname

“When we got engaged, changing my name was one of my first thoughts. I have always been sentimentally attached to my surname and the thought of taking someone else’s scared me a little – I think because I would lose something that had always defined me. I had also wondered how changing my name would impact me professionally.

“I considered double-barrelling my name but felt that if I was going to change my name at all, then I may as well go down the traditional route and replace my surname with Jon’s. On the morning of the wedding, my sisters gave me a lovely gift – a bracelet with the following message engraved: ‘Always a George sister’. I loved it.

“I am slowly growing accustomed to my new name... in fact, I’m actually starting to like it.”



The new Mr and Mrs Harris (Image: Nick Murray Photography)

Amanda Griffiths who married Andrew Woollacott in 2015 has kept her surname – professionally

“I am, and always will be a Griffiths, even though technically I am now a Woollacott.

“While I was happy to change my surname for most things, I felt strongly about retaining Griffiths at work – it’s an identity I’ve built up and I wanted to keep that. It was a decision Andrew supported and he actually still calls me Griffo as a nickname.

“Sometimes it can be a bit confusing though… like the time I was sitting in the doctor’s surgery hearing Mrs Woollacott being called and not realising it was me. And I am always still conscious of remembering to sign the right surname on official documents – something you gradually get used to if you’re no longer using your maiden name at all. By continuing to be Amanda Griffiths in my
working life, I feel I have the best of both worlds.

“Although the majority of brides change their surname, don’t feel you have to. I’ve seen couples go double-barrelled, or choose a completely new surname to go by after their marriage, as well as grooms who use their bride’s name rather than the reverse. Like everything in wedding planning and in married life – the choice is yours.”


Amanda Woollacott aka Amanda Griffiths (Image: Lisa Aldersley, LA Photography)

What we agree on...

Changing your name is a personal issue, don’t blindly follow the norm but consider your options and do what is right for you.

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