Bridal tips for afro-Caribbean and textured hair types

16 Aug 2021

Give afro-Caribbean and textured hair the VIP treatment it deserves by ensuring it looks and feels fabulous on your wedding day

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Creative amabassador and curl and texture specialist for hair salon group Headmasters, Nicole Iroh, shares her top tips to help brides exude confidence on their wedding day.

1. Preparation and inspiration

The consultation at the beginning of your wedding hair journey is the most important stage.

Leading up to your appointment, start collecting images of hairstyles you like. Don't choose a single photo; collect a variety of pictures and explain which element you like in each. Your stylist will be able to advise on a bespoke style for you rather than trying to copy one look.

2. Choose a stylist that understands your curl or coil pattern

It's imperative for every bride-to-be to have a stylist that you trust. This may be your regular hairstylist that has experience with your curls, or perhaps you are getting married abroad and are selecting a new stylist for the occasion.

Curls and coils are like a fingerprint, individual to each wearer, which your stylist will assess and consider for each aspect of the service. Ensure the hairstylist has experience with the needs of curly and coily tresses. Don’t be afraid to ask your hairstylist to show you imagery or previous brides that they have styled for their wedding day.


Image: Gift Habeshaw via Unsplash

3.Creating a prescription for healthy hair

Starting your care plan as early as possible is advisable, as healthy and moisturised hair is the best foundation for a great hairstyle.

For brides with curly or coily hair, I often recommend to have an in-salon keratin smoothing treatment (approximately £110), which will remove all frizz but will retain your curl pattern. This enables your stylist to create an amazing look for your wedding day and you can rest assured that you don't have to battle frizz. Plus, keratin smoothing treatments give incredible shine too.

4. Enhance your curls with colour placement

At Headmasters, we have two specific colour techniques that can really accentuate your curls: Curl Contour (from £58) for a lovely sun-kissed look to highlight subtly around your face, or Curl Clouding (from £85), a halo technique that gives a bolder effect.

If your goal is a balayage, I recommend allowing for a few sessions with at least four weeks in between. Created over time, it allows the total look to develop gradually and give a more natural effect rather than having it all in one sitting.

If you want to keep your natural colour, do consider having a semi-permanent glossing treatment (approximately £49) as this adds incredible shine.


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5. Select the accessories that work best for you

Don’t allow your hair accessory to take centre stage; let your chosen hairstyle be the focus and use accessories to complement it. Sometimes even the smallest of accessory can be enough to add that finishing touch.

On shorter cropped curls, jewelled accessories can provide a touch of elegance. If a more traditional look is what you prefer, do take into consideration that when wearing a veil curls and coils sit with more width. When attaching a veil, avoid using bobby pins as they will break up the curls when removing the veil from the hair.

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