Bridal beauty myths debunked

10 Oct 2017

Wise up on the truth behind these bridal beauty myths before you begin the preparation for your big day

Words: Georgia Selih

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Image gallery

Once the date for the big day is set, you enter the wedding frenzy. There are millions of errands to run, calls to make and plans to see through. However, as the magical day approaches and there are fewer and fewer items left unchecked off your wedding to-do list, the focus shifts from such issues as venue, catering, music and decoration, to you. After all, you are the bride and the eyes of all the guests will be firmly on you.

Before you know it, you find yourself listening to contradictory beauty advice that only confuses you. With both ancient and modern-day myths serving to complicate matters, the words ‘don’t believe everything you hear’ have never resonated more true. Put all your swirling questions and beauty doubts to rest with this expert advice...


Myth #1: Stress = weight gain

Possibly one of the biggest myths is the one that claims that stress will result in weight gain. This is not something a future bride wants to hear.

Fact: While physicians do state that there is a strong correlation between chronic stress and increased appetite, stress actually tends to cause loss of appetite in the initial stages. Since pre-wedding jitters can under no circumstance be considered long-term stress, brides can relax. Keep on watching your figure and doing at least low-impact exercises, stay away from fried and fatty food, and don’t worry about fluctuations. Your wedding gown will fit like a glove.

Myth #2: Hydration for a glowing complexion

This is perhaps something you’ve been hearing your entire life – drinking plenty of water ensures great complexion and plump skin.

Fact: Regular water intake is vital for proper kidney, brain and muscle function. This means that hydration is something you don’t want to take lightly. However, as experts from the Mayo Clinic claim - there is absolutely no evidence that even drinking additional amounts of water will have any impact on the condition and appearance of your skin whatsoever. The only way to make sure you achieve and maintain that healthy glow is by using a wide range of skincare products that target your concerns and your skin type. Sticking to an established skincare regimen is the only way to avoid surprises on the big day.


Myth #3: Never wash your hair on the big day

This one you’ve probably heard from a friend of a friend. It usually goes something like ‘second-day dirty hair is far more manageable and responds to styling products better’.

Fact: While most hairdressers promote the fact that day-old hair can hold up-dos better, they will also tell you that the only thing that matters are good hair products. Use high-quality products with the right tools and you can keep all your concerns about frizz and flyaways at bay. 

Myth #4: Chocolate is the nemesis

Not just a bridal myth, but a constant reminder you hear every day; 'keep chocolate out of sight as blemishes and breakouts will appear after the very first bite'.

Fact: Poor chocolate has such a bad reputation and the saddest thing is, it’s completely innocent. Diet that is high in sugar and fat can lead to sebum production and acne, but chocolate isn’t the one to blame for breakouts. The truth of the matter is, chocolate is actually good for both the heart and the skin, particularly dark chocolate as it contains antioxidants and we all know that these are crucial for the wellbeing of skin.


Myth #5: A fake tan makes for great memories

As your wedding will be documented on hundreds of photographs, you don't just want to look your absolute best but you will also want to be able to pull out the album in 10-20 years from now and still be in awe of how you looked.

Fact: Undertake a trial run with tanning well before your wedding day or say no to tanning products altogether. While you can’t always be certain that you will get the bridal glow you want, tanning can also be a disaster waiting to happen if not undertaken by a professional. Your best course of action is making sure your skin is hydrated, healthy and glowing from within. Remember that your natural skin tone is timeless.

Myth #6: More is more

On the big day, it’s all about hair and make-up. One of the most common mistakes brides make is that this is a day where you should slap on as much as possible.

Fact: While you will need to use enough product to notice the results in photographs, the key is finding the balance in the amount that you wear. Choose quality products and subtle make-up that will make you look youthful and glowing. Don’t fall prey to trends and go for an ‘it’ look de jour; classic make-up is always a winner. 

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