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The Bride Who Tried Botox: A Real-Life Bride's Experience

27 Apr 2015

“As one eyebrow started to raise above the other, panic set in…” read this real bride’s experience of botox

Botox for the wedding day – is it too extreme? It’s likely to be the most photographed day of your life, so there’s no shame in the personal scrutiny that comes with an approaching wedding day: teeth whitening, tanning, hair dying is all fair game, but where do you draw the line or, in this case, iron out the lines? Here, we hear the story of bride and Kent-based make-up artist Lucy Jayne Makeup who tried botox for the first time in the days before her wedding day. She gives us the concerns, trial and tribulations… as well as the results of her bridal beauty preparations.

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Image gallery

What prompted you to consider botox for your wedding day – have you had it before, and what did you hope to achieve?
I wear my glasses every single day, but I wanted to go without on my wedding day. Once I started to trial contact lenses I noticed a prominent squint line between my eyebrows that was normally disguised by my glasses. I hadn’t had botox previously but I have friends and clients who had, so I started to think about having it done.

How many days before your wedding was it?
It was quite close to my wedding day actually - two weeks.

Lucy's frownlines were only visible when her glasses were removed. Small bumps were visible after application, but soon disappeared.

What were your main concerns and hopes?
I hoped that the botox would erase the frown lines in between my eyebrows and the other lines I had on my forehead. I also have an old chicken pox scar that has created another prominent line that I wanted to get rid of! The botox took approximately four days to start working, but then my lines started to fade. It was quite a big worry because one side worked quicker than the other. It looked really strange being able to raise one eyebrow and not the other, so panic set in…
I contacted my aesthetic nurse and she reassured me that it was because the muscles on one side are stronger than the other so it would take a bit longer. I was scared because it was so close to the wedding day but it did settle down and I had completely symmetrical eyebrows for the wedding day! 

"This photo cracks me up," says Lucy, "I'm raising both eyebrows!"

How did you choose who to use?
I had booked a teeth whitening treatment for my mum’s birthday present and while she was having her treatment I discussed botox with the aesthetic nurse Jo.

Can you talk us through the procedure itself? How many areas you had done, the pain and the aftercare?
I had a pre-assessment where I was given an education on botox, what the benefits were and any risks involved and at my next appointment. Jo assessed my face and discussed where I wanted to erase any lines - I had it in two areas: my forehead and between my eyebrows. She then put little markers where she would inject the botox. Some of the injections were more painful than others but it was bearable and over quite quickly. Where the botox was injected it left little red lumps but they disappeared in a few minutes. 

A couple of days later Lucy was very happy with the results and her my eyebrows were looking even.

Were you happy with the results?
I was really happy with the results, but in hindsight I would have preferred a little less botox. Initially I wanted to not have any of my lines but I am very expressive and after a while I did miss having that expression. I am not a professional and wouldn’t recommend anyone have any aesthetic or cosmetic surgery, but I am happy to talk about my botox to my clients and my brides. It a great topic of conversation and it was a positive experience and if they then choose to do it, I would happily recommend the lady that did mine! 


Tell us, will you be trying botox for your wedding day? Watch out for Bride's second botox installment, where we'll be talking to the experts about the dos and don'ts of botox for brides.


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