Blooming lovely idea

15 Jan 2014

Blooming lovely idea

Learn the art of perfect wedding flowers, in your home - guided by Judith Blacklock every step of the way

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Image gallery

Judith Blacklock, world renowned teacher of flower arranging and floristry, launches an innovative new online Design Your Own Wedding Flowers programme – to enable anyone who wants to, wherever they are in the world, whatever their skill levels, to create beautiful flower arrangements, bouquets and table decorations for a wedding – in the comfort of their own home.

Judith guides you every step of the way – it’s like having her in the room. And who better to learn all the tricks of the trade from, than a leading expert like Judith?

She has designed five carefully thought out and planned tutorial modules – covering key areas where flowers are needed at a wedding – and then filmed in-depth step-by-step guides for each.

• Design Your Own Wedding Flowers : Elegant Wedding Bouquet

• Design Your Own Wedding Flowers: Wiring & Buttonholes

• Design Your Own Wedding Flowers : Table Arrangements (high and low designs)

• Design Your Own Wedding Flowers: Floral Garlands

• Design Your Own Wedding Flowers: Floral Topiary

Each video tutorial isn’t just a ‘how-to’ demonstration – Judith will also give helpful tips along the way: such as what flowers to choose, how to make your flowers last and help with budgeting. The videos really will be invaluable for brides on a budget.

Each tutorial module costs £19.99 - you can pick and choose the one you want, or download them all. Whatever you choose to do, you will have fun learning a new skill – that will always be useful….even after the big day itself!

Judith explains why she devised this new innovative format to teach wedding flowers:

“Wedding flowers play such an important part in creating the wedding you’ve always dreamed of. Their beauty and scent transform an already magical event into something totally out of this world. Whatever your vision: chic elegance, rustic charm, contemporary sleek, or funky and fabulous – flowers will bring it to life. I teach many, many brides as well as florists, the skills to create beautiful wedding flowers – but for some a trip to London is impossible and for others, they are keen to create their wedding flowers themselves. This got me thinking about how I could help as many people as possible and I decided to do a series of in-depth online tutorials in the basic skills - so that anyone, no matter what their technical ability, can create something beautiful with flowers for their big day.”

To download one of Judith Blacklock’s new Design Your Own Wedding Flowers modules, simply visit the Judith Blacklock school website –

For more information please contact the school directly: The Judith Blacklock Flower School, Knightsbridge, London SW1. Tel: +44 (0) 20 7235 6235. Email:

About Judith Blacklock:

Judith is renowned worldwide for her teaching skills in flower arranging and floristry. She set up her flower school in Knightsbridge 15 years ago. It is the foremost private flower arranging and floristry school in the UK and is accredited by the British Accreditation Council. The school’s students come from all over the world to benefit from the knowledge and experience of Judith and her team, and leave with acknowledged certification. Judith herself is well-known and highly regarded within the industry. She demonstrates at leading global floral events, such as the Chelsea Flower Show, and has arranged flowers at many high-profile venues, including Kensington Palace. Two years ago Judith organised the first major cut flower event for the UK at Chicheley Hall. She is also the author of 12 bestselling floristry books, editor of The Flower Arranger Magazine (published by NAFAS), and a floral consultant to many celebrities and leading UK companies, including Topshop, Tesco, BT and Channel 4.

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