Best value destinations for overseas weddings revealed

11 Aug 2017

Currency expert FairFX has revealed the best value wedding destinations for 2017 

Photo: Wei Pan / Unsplash

After analysing long-term currency trends, currency expert FairFX has uncovered this year’s potential hotspots for overseas weddings. Its results have found that planning ahead and choosing your destination wisely can give you as much as £695 more for every £1,000 spent.

Its best value wedding destination guide features the South American exotic climes of Argentina and Brazil, as well as the tropical beaches of Gambia, Jamaica, and Mexico. A safari-inspired wedding in South Africa and Tanzania will also sees your money go further, along with other popular faraway destinations Indonesia and Malaysia.

FairFX’s best value wedding guide

  • Argentina: With stunning scenery from mountains, vineyards and glacial lakes to the vibrant Buenos Aires, the pound has improved 227% over the last five years. This gives you 16,222 Argentine pesos more for every £1,000 spent, equivalent to £695.
  • South Africa: Whether you’re looking for the dramatic backdrop of Cape Town, a garden ceremony or beach wedding in Durban, the pound has strengthened by 34% in the last five years. For every £1,000 spent, you’ll now get 4,382 South African rand more – worth £254.
  • Brazil: With its breath-taking waterfalls, beaches and carnival, a wedding in Brazil is 30% better value compared to five years ago, giving you 942 Brazilian real more for £1,000, equivalent to £228.
  • Jamaica: The white sands and hidden coves of Jamaica will see your money go 21% further than it did five years ago. This means you’ll get 29,577 Jamaican dollars more for every £1,000 spent, worth £176.
  • Tanzania: A Serengeti wedding is now 20% better value than it was five years ago. For every £1,000 spent, this gives you 479,435 Tanzanian shillings more – equivalent to £163.
  • Indonesia: A wedding on the shores of Bali will see your pound go 19% further than it did five years ago. For every £1,000, you’ll now get 2,770,518 Indonesian rupiah more, worth £158.
  • Gambia: The blue skies and beaches of Gambia are 9% better value than six months ago. And compared to five years ago, the pound goes 19% further which gives you 9,442 Gambian dalasi more for every £1,000, equivalent to £157.
  • Malaysia: The southeast Asian destination boasts a host of wedding venues from stunning beaches and islands to rainforests and cities. And the pound has improved 6% in Malaysia over the last year and is 16% stronger than five years ago. This gives you 763 Malaysian ringgit more for every £1,000, equivalent to £136.
  • Zambia: A safari wedding here offers 14% better value than three years ago. This means a £1,000 spend will give you 1,401 Zambian kwacha more, equivalent to £119.
  • Mexico: With crystal clear waters, ancient ruins and luxury resorts, a wedding in Mexico comes in at 13% cheaper than it did five years ago, giving you 2,677 Mexican peso more for every £1,000, equivalent to £115.
  • Other best value destinations: The pound also goes 11% further in Australia and 19% further in Japan compared to five years ago. Meanwhile, you’ll find 6% better value in Sri Lanka and 5% better value in the Seychelles compared to six months ago.

Ian Strafford-Taylor, CEO of FairFX, said: “With the average wedding cost in the UK topping £25,000, it’s easy to see the appeal of eloping overseas for a more intimate and affordable celebration. Savvy planners won’t just be looking at the most idyllic wedding destinations, it’s imperative to make a financial assessment too. Choosing a country where the exchange rate is more favourable is a smart way of getting the biggest bang for your buck and getting even more wedding for your money. With the savings you make, you’ll be able to afford some extra luxuries or even to extend your honeymoon simply by planning ahead.

“When it comes to making international money transfers for your wedding, don’t default to your bank or you may find you’ll lose out with poor rates and unnecessary fees. Shop around to make sure you’re getting the best deal and exchanging money when the rates are at their highest.”

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