Ben and Molly Wedding Photography

04 Sep 2012

Ben and Molly Wedding Photography

Ben and Molly Wedding Photography

I’m Richard Hanmer, a Bristol based documentary wedding photographer covering the South West and beyond. My style is contemporary, relaxed and elegant. I capture the atmosphere of your day in an unobtrusive way, allowing you to enjoy your celebrations with your family and friends and leaving you with gorgeous, natural photographs that will make your heart sing.

I’m called Richard but my last name - Hanmer - sounds a bit odd. So, Ben & Molly is named after my kids, the two most important little people in my life - the name sounds cute and is a bit more memorable too.

I’ve always loved taking photos and capturing what are often the most fleeting little moments fascinates me.

At family dos I’ve always been the one with a camera in my hand and over the last few years it’s become more of a permanent feature. To begin with family and friends started to ask me to photograph their weddings, the word of mouth machine worked it’s magic and the wedding photography has become something bigger. I’ve just launched my gorgeous new website -

When I was little my dad always had a camera in his hand and I spent a lot of time sitting still in various parts of the world whilst dad remembered to take the lens cap off and tweak the focus.

Family holiday slideshows were projected onto a sheet or wall and I remember loving everything about it - the big image, the details, sharing the experience and re-living it with my family. I find looking back at special moments in life really appealing - perhaps I’m quite nostalgic and sentimental so I’ve always had a fascination with photography.

But, wedding photography wasn’t on my radar until one of my sisters got married. Everything about the day was beautiful and when I saw the photos I was blown away. It made me realise I’d love to give it a go, and a year later I got to shoot my first wedding.

I want my photos to be as natural a possible - it’s about capturing those moments that last for a split second. Often it’s a look between two people at a particular moment or there’s a wonderful expression that’s totally genuine and pure. And sometimes staging a photo can create those moments too but in a more thoughtful way. And I love looking for the funny and the quirky too.

My favourite thing about photographing weddings is when you know you have some really gorgeous pictures and you show them to the couple for the first time and you can really see and feel their joy. It may sound a little cheesy, but it is truly breathtaking and a real honour.

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