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“Ideal Clients Appreciate the Value of Wedding Photography”: Behind the Lens with Lorenzo Photography

24 Apr 2015

London-based wedding photographer, Lorenzo, gives us a glimpse into the mindset of one of the country’s leading wedding photographers

Within 24 hours the labour of months, sometimes years, is over… and you’re left with your memories (and a hangover). This is where the value of wedding photography lies, says Lorenzo of Lorenzo Photography.

“Your wedding is a frozen moment in time – it is part of the fabric of your life,” he explains. “It is a record of how you and your friends were on one of the happiest days of your life. It’s something that will continue to give pleasure throughout your life and from generation to generation. If you’ve ever mused over your parents, grandparents or great grandparents’ wedding photos, you’ll know exactly what I mean.” An appreciation of this, he says, is what makes for the best wedding clients… along with a minimum-fuss attitude!

A wedding day the chance to be the centre of attention – the camera will never look your way as much, or as often… which may explain why Lorenzo’s contemporary style with a cinematic twist appeals. His brides and grooms could be the leads from Hollywood’s latest slick creation. Bride went behind the lens to find out the most memorable wedding is for a man who frequents many, and his view on why wedding photography is worth its multiple figures…


How would you describe your style of photography?
I take natural and contemporary images with a cinematic twist. I keep my work real and capture natural expressions of emotion without too much staging. To keep things simple, I describe myself as a ‘relaxed reportage’ wedding photographer, since I’m always at my happiest taking candid shots of people and events as they happen.

Who are your ideal clients?
My ideal clients are couples that appreciate the value of photography and want the minimum of fuss. Mostly I attract couples who just want to celebrate with their friends without the intrusion of a photographer, but still want to have an amazing chronicle of photos to look back on and share.

Can you choose a picture that encapsulates everything you want to achieve in a wedding photograph?
I’m not sure that I’ve ever managed to encapsulate everything I wanted to achieve in just one photograph. My work is about storytelling and often it’s a series of photos that will contain all of the ingredients: emotion, context, thought provoking. If I had to pick just one shot then it would be this one from an intimate wedding at The Savoy Hotel. I love the voyeuristic quality of this photo (below). For me, it conveys the warmth and love of a particular moment. You can feel the opulence of the setting, there’s a depth to the image with a frame within a frame and it makes you think about the relationships between the people pictured.



Photographers seem to inject a lot of their personality into their work... what are your inspirations?
Integrity and love. I put my heart and soul into every wedding no matter how big or small. All I want is for my couples to be moved by my work every time they look at it.



As a professional photographer you see tens of weddings every year. What’s been your most memorable wedding to photograph, and why?
Every year I think I’ve covered my favourite wedding ever! For me it comes down to the couple and their family and friends, rather than the venue. One wedding I’ll never forget (below) was a very wet wedding that began in a Chelsea townhouse. During bride’s preps I realised that it was the groom’s ex-wife helping the bride to get ready! It was a small family wedding of less than 20 people including the children from the first marriage. After the ceremony, the couple and I took off on a tour of central London landmarks with occasional stops for champagne along the way. We ended up at Tower Bridge and sailed down the Thames on a Royal barge and an amazing celebration meal. Everyone was so much fun and they welcomed me as if I was part of the family. You could really feel the warmth and love between this very close-knit family. A few months later I received a letter from the groom telling me that his mother had tragically passed away. He expressed his deep gratitude of how these photos had now taken on an extra special meaning. Not only because it was a happy day they’d shared, but also because of how happy his mother looked with all of her grandchildren around her. Ironically, his mother was the one who suggested me from their shortlist. Memories like that are invaluable and really represent the power that photography can have.



How far in advance should couples book you - do they stand a chance of booking you last minute?
At least six months if possible. I’ve taken bookings with just a couple of days notice but that’s very rare and mostly low season. I think it’s important to have a dialogue and build up a relationship with couples before their wedding day. That personal investment reflects in the quality of the resulting photos: they’re relaxed, uninhibited and at ease with me. Quite often we’ll become friends and I’ll take portraits of their children or commissions for Corporate assignments at their business.

Give brides an insight into a photographer’s experience of a wedding day – what’s the hardest part?
Switching of the camera and saying: “Enough, it’s time to go home!”



How can couples help to ensure a photographer’s best work?
Research the photographers that suit their style. Meet the photographers on the shortlist and check that the chemistry works. Don’t expect something from a photographer that they just don’t do. Enjoy your wedding day and relax in the knowledge that a professional wedding photographer with a proven track record knows what they need to do.


What are the three most important questions for couples to ask their photographer?
1. How many photos can I expect?
2. How many posed group shots are you prepared to do?
3. How do you cover in the event of equipment failure or being unable to attend due to sickness or injury?
4. What would you like for dinner? (I’m not good at maths.)

What’s your opinion on the controversial ‘group shots’ – can you give us an example of yours?
I don’t mind doing group shots but recommend no more than six. If they’re endless it interrupts the flow of the day and becomes boring for the guests. I make sure I cover everyone over the course of the wedding and if guests want to stop me for a posed group shot then I’m more than happy to do it. Just keep it interesting and no straight line ups!




In terms of wedding photography trends, what do you think is the most interesting at the moment?
I’ve seen some interesting work from wedding photographers using camera drones. I like the way some photographers are finding innovative ways to use emerging technology.

What’s the most common misconception that you have to correct with couples?
The photography fee is not just for attending on the day of the wedding. Photographers put a lot of work into preparation before the wedding day and long hours editing and processing afterwards. There’s also a cost to keeping their equipment and software up-to-date, as well as training, insurance, marketing and regular business overheads.

Prices start at £900 for 4 hours


Lorenzo Photography, Dulwich, London


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