Before & After bridal makeovers... without Photoshop

20 Mar 2017

Looking for a realistic bridal make-up look that enhances your own natural beauty without the need for re-touching?

We can do amazing things with photographs, but hiring a photo re-toucher should not be one of the things on the wedding tick-list.... Every woman is beautiful in her own way, and it is the job of a bridal make-up artist to ensure that they bring out the beauty in every bride on her wedding day.

While flawless beauty images are wonderful to look at, it is vital that brides are realistic and understand the power of make-up, without the post-production editing.

Here are four 'before and after' looks from make-up artist Kelli Waldock. Each look is perfect for bridal make-up... and the most important thing is that they are not retouched.


Look: Classic Bold Bridal Make-up

Focus: Bringing out amazing features, by evening tones of skin and lips.




I mixed Airbase Airbrushing Foundation to suit Yasmin’s complexion and applied with the air gun, giving her a flawless appearance and even tone. The base of the look is so important for a long-lasting result, and this is the reason for using primer on the eyes, too. Primer also helps the shadow to set, allowing the colour to be intense and as desired.

I applied a dark grey shadow all over the eyelid, followed by a darker grey, then a black in the outer corner of the eye and under the eye to add intensity. I used a full strip lash to make the lashes look fuller and applied black eyeliner over the line of the strip lash to conceal it, and on the waterline to make the eyes pop. I defined the eyebrows with brown powder, following the natural line of Yasmin's brows.

The lipstick is vibrant coral, almost orange, and has a gloss to it, the cheeks complement the lips with a soft peach blusher, almost creating more of a higher cheekbone.

The V-Team created a natural look with Yasmin’s hair, using a hair-dyer and pick comb.


Look: Modern Celebrity Bridal Make-up

Focus: Smoothening complexion, and creating dramatic eye look.





Drita has great features, but like many women, she needed a full even coverage to create a smoother and glowing complexion, so I used the air gun, followed by a light concealer to brighten her eyes, and reduce the dark circles. After applying primer, I applied a natural eyeshadow all over the lid, and then a light brown colour to the outer corner in the crease to enhance Drita’s eyes. After applying false lashes, I defined her eyebrows with a mix of dark brown and black brow shadow to create fullness.

The lashes and eye make-up for this look bring out Drita’s dark eyes, and at the same time reshape her eyes, bringing them up at the outer corners. This is why I chose dramatic lashes with a big curl.

I used a rosy-brown blush to define her cheeks and create a strong cheekbone effect, and finished with a high gloss, pale lip gloss for head turning, kissable lips.

The hair was created with a hair straightener and product, and it looks great left loose, or nipped in at the neck with a band. Brides with short hair can achieve this look by using a Balmain clip-in hairpiece. The flower crown was provided by Jane at Graham Greener.


Look: Funky 80s Retro Bridal Make-up

Focus: Lifting pale complexion and using vibrant colour subtly.




I cleansed, toned and moisturised the skin, then applied a primer to the face and neck. A primer is a great base for foundation, as it gives it more staying power. I used medium coverage on Fran, to even her tone and to lift her pale complexion.

I started with a lighter pink eyeshadow in the inner corners of Fran’s eyes and finished with a darker hot pink in the crease and outer corner of the eye. I intensified the look by applying the pink eyeshadow underneath the eye and after applying mascara, I applied false lashes to give the eye more definition. This adds a little modern edge too – which is exactly the way to wear the eighties’ make-up without looking like fancy dress.

I applied the blusher to the hallows of her cheeks to contour her face and highlight the cheekbones. I kept the eyebrows defined by using a brow powder to give the brows colour and to create more depth and thickness. Finally, I applied a pink-coloured lipstick that complements the eyeshadow colour; frosted lipstick makes lips appear fuller, and of course, was a very popular choice in the eighties.

V-Team created a hairstyle full of volume, achieved with dry shampoo and large barrel curl styling.


Look: Classic Bridal

Focus: Bringing out Stacey’s eyes and lips, and concealing acne breakout.




Stacey has a very pretty face, but like many people she occasionally gets a break-out, and so I gave her a full foundation coverage using Airbase Airbrushing Foundation. You can see the flawless base instantly; perfect for me to add the colour and defining make-up, so I could bring out Stacey’s natural beauty, as well as her confidence.

I opted for a classic smokey eye with most of the make-up on the upper lid; using a light grey and darker grey in the outer corner into the crease of the eye. I applied a darker grey underneath the lower lash to give that desired smokey eye, and added beautiful fuller false eyelashes to make the eyes pop. I defined the eyebrows with a browny-black shadow just to enhance the fullness and to frame her face. Stacey’s olive complexion can carry a bright lipstick, so I opted for cerise for this classic bridal look, and I added a rose blush to her cheeks to lift her complexion.

Amy Hutley of V-Team created a natural tousled hairstyle that complements the gradual colour of Stacey’s hair, framing Stacey’s face.

Get the looks:

Photography: Samantha Jones,
Hair: V-Team,  
Make-up: Kelli Waldock,

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