Beaufort Blooms Floral Couture - Specialists in Bespoke Wedding Floral Designs

10 Sep 2013

Beaufort Blooms Floral Couture - Specialists in Bespoke Wedding Floral Designs

Beaufort Blooms Floral Couture - Specialists in Bespoke Wedding Floral Designs

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Image gallery

Beaufort Blooms Floral Couture - Specialists in Bespoke Wedding Floral Designs and Accents to Enhance Your Special Day

We offer a unique and personal service tailored to meet all individual requirements and budgets. We appreciate that every person is different and we aim to provide floral designs that reflect your personality and vision to suit the occasion.

Whether your “big day” comprises of a simple, intimate civil ceremony or a marquee seating 500 guests, we can provide flowers to suit your occasion and budget. Classic, contemporary or vintage, our bespoke designs are finished to your individual requirements, created with flair and imagination to the high standards of excellence we pride ourselves in.

Planning your wedding flowers is an exercise in artistry providing, a chance to indulge your senses and express your style and taste. Our one to one service ensures you have time to discuss your needs in a relaxed atmosphere and allows us to help you through the process and provide you with ideas and inspiration to create designs reflecting your vision and personality.

No matter what you decide, follow your instincts, choose what you love, and your wedding flowers will certainly be a beautiful part of your perfect wedding day.

Although by no means essential, we generally advise brides to compile a scrapbook or mood board of flower varieties and colour schemes they like. If you have picked your dress and the attendant’s outfits, a swatch of both fabrics is useful. Delicate fabrics pair well with delicate flowers; sleek flowers complement highly textured fabrics; and unfussy fabrics like linen or cotton look great with unfussy flowers. The shape and style of your dress is an important factor in choice of bridal bouquet design. While your choice of flowers will ultimately determine the shape of your bouquet, thinking about the shape and proportion of your bouquet will help us coordinate it with your dress style. As a general rule, the bigger the dress, the bigger the bouquet.

We offer non-obligatory consultations at our Studio based between Castle Combe, Grittleton and Yatton Keynell. With a wealth of experience we can cater for any aspect of your wedding flowers from bridal party designs to church and venue decor. Our personal bespoke service can include venue consultation, on the day set up and personal delivery of your bridal party flowers. If you are on a budget, we can work with you and offer flowers and accessories to work within your perimeters to maximise your budget potential.

We are very familiar with many of Wiltshire, Somerset and Bath’s most popular wedding venues and are very happy to meet brides at their chosen venue to discuss their ideas. We can also travel further afield by request.

To complement our bespoke floristry service, we have an array of vases, stands and candelabras for hire, or just simply to provide inspiration and ideas if necessary. If there is any particular accessory that you require, we are happy to help in sourcing.

Happy Wedding Planning!

Beaufort Blooms

01249 782590

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