Will You Wait? Average Honeymoon is Now 4 Months After Wedding

13 Aug 2015

The average newlywed couple delays their honeymoon for four months after their wedding, a study has revealed.

They study by www.sunshine.co.uk revealed that financial circumstances cause the majority of just-married couples to delay the break, with only a quarter of newlyweds heading off on their honeymoon in the immediate days that follow their wedding.

The team polled 1,977 British men and women, aged 21 and over, all of whom got married in 2014. Respondents were asked questions about their honeymoon, or lack thereof, and how they financed the trip if they had one.

Initially, everyone participating in the poll was asked:

Did you have a honeymoon?

Yes: 88 per cent
No: 11 per cent
Not yet (despite it being some time since their wedding): 1 per cent

Of those who said they didn't have a honeymoon at all, the top reasons were:

  1. Children the couple couldn't/didn't want to leave. (42 per cent)
  2. Couldn't afford it. (32 percent).

Those who did have a honeymoon were asked if they left straight away (i.e. within a month of their wedding) or if they delayed the trip (i.e. a month or more after the wedding). According to the findings, 76 per cent of honeymooning couples delay their break until a little while after their big day. When anyone who had delayed their honeymoon was asked how long the gap was between their wedding day and their trip, the average length of time was revealed to be 'four months'.

Top 5 Reasons Honeymoons are Delayed

1. Financial circumstances (i.e. needed longer to save up) – 37 per cent

2. To postpone the wedding blues from setting in/something to look forward to – 23 per cent

3. Was simply too busy with wedding plans to think about honeymoon – 19 per cent

4. Couldn't take too much time off in one go at work for wedding and honeymoon – 12 per cent

5. Wanted to wait for weather to be better in chosen destination - 4%

Those who went on holiday straight away after their wedding day were asked where they had visited and the most popular destination for immediate honeymoons was revealed to be Italy. Amongst those who postponed their honeymoons, the most popular destination was revealed to be the USA.

Chris Clarkson, managing director of online travel agency sunshine.co.uk, said: "We think delaying a honeymoon is a fantastic idea. Weddings are hectic and it sometimes pays to wait a while and not jump straight from the chaos of the big day and everything that’s involved right into post-wedding bliss. It's not always that simple and if you go away immediately after your big day then you may be too exhausted to fully enjoy your trip.

"A big bonus of postponing a honeymoon is that it gives you a little while to settle any wedding debt and save for your trip, so that you can have an even better and more indulgent break. What's more, you may receive more financial wedding gifts than you expected and these can be used to plan your budget for your honeymoon. More and more couples are delaying their honeymoons and we think it's certainly worth thinking about. Weddings are expensive and you don't want to look back on your honeymoon and regret that you had to go straight away and have a lower budget trip than you wanted."



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