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Ask the Expert: Can I plan a wedding in three months?

28 Jun 2017

Here's how you can turn a wedding round in record time, from Marie Haverly of Isabella Weddings Planning and Consultancy

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Marie Haverly is our wedding planner-turned-agony-aunt and is back this month to answer another bride's burning question.

Q. My partner and I have decided that after five years of engagement that it’s now or never, so do you think we can realistically plan a wedding in three months?


While wedding planning can take months or years, there’s no reason it has to. It does, of course, make sense that if you have plenty of time to research and plan the exact celebration you wish for, then getting started early can hold many benefits. However it’s not always practical or logical to spend a year or so working through your wedding tasks, sometimes you are pushed for time, restricted by your venue availability or simply decide that if you don’t start now then it might never happen.

As a wedding planner, I always love short-term planning journeys with our clients; many venues and suppliers also love a short notice booking for several reasons. If you are flexible on your actual wedding date, then going to a venue and asking them what late availability they have for dates is a sure-fire way to enjoy a discount or two as the venue scrabble to maximise revenue for the coming months. The same goes for some suppliers; if they have budgeted for the year ahead already and suddenly they receive an extra booking, they are more likely to be able to work within your budget so that you receive excellent value for money.


Below are some more top tips to ensure that this planning journey, be it a shorter one than others, can be productive and actually more enjoyable.

1. You will find that you have to (and enjoy it) make quicker decisions and move on to the next task as soon as you have completed it

If you have months and months to deliberate over a photographer or menu then this can result in procrastination and delays. Whereas if you have limited time you will find that you are forced to choose, move on and keep moving - ideal for getting that task list completed in record time.

2. Get help, recruit family and friends to take on tasks

However, this is easier said than done; ensure you recruit those people who are reliable and able to really take on a task and see it through, so that you don’t find yourself picking up the pieces when plans fall through.

3. Keep it simple, don’t get lost in the details

You simply do not have the time, so make sure you keep the wedding and reception simple yet elegant.

4. Write a task list

Include everything you need to do or decide upon and then ensure that you tick things off every day. Aim to complete five tasks per day, even small ones to ensure that things keep moving forward for you both.

Lastly, make sure that once you have made a decision, move forward and don’t revisit it again. Many couples make mistakes by planning a part of the wedding early, say the bridesmaids' dresses, only to find that they change their minds six months later. This results in extra expense and stress, which you don’t have the time for and could do without during what is bound to be a busy time for you both.

Planning a short notice wedding can be very exciting; you will whizz through those big decisions without worrying over the minute detail and you will find that the buzz of planning stays with you for this short term... which can only help to ensure a fabulous wedding day.

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