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26 Jun 2017

Not a fan of numbers? The experts at Bijou Weddings are back this month to make sense of your wedding costs 

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Welcome to the June edition of Ask Bijou. This month the team behind Bijou’s collection of exclusive-use, country house wedding venues share their advice on budgeting for your wedding venue. Do you have a question for the Bijou team? Email to see the answer featured in a future edition of Ask Bijou…

June Question:

Having never planned a wedding before, I’m completely baffled by all the different costs that seem to be popping up. What do I need to remember when budgeting for my wedding venue?


Bijou’s advice:

Without keeping a close and constant eye on your wedding day budget, it could easily spiral out of control. With so much choice now available and so many different elements of your wedding day to plan and pay for, it’s best to agree on your budget at the beginning of your planning and try your best to stick to it – especially when it comes to booking and paying for your wedding venue.

Every venue will be different when it comes to providing you with a quote, so before you commit to any particular venue, be certain that you are comfortable with what is included in the price, which may well increase/decrease leading up to your big day.

Below are Bijou’s top tips when it comes to staying on top of your wedding venue costs.


Paying your deposit

Every venue will be different when it comes to paying a deposit to reserve a wedding date. Some venues may ask for a portion of the full deposit to secure the date, before requiring the remaining deposit a short while afterwards, having read the booking terms and conditions. Other venues may ask for a full, non-refundable deposit upfront, and some, depending on your chosen wedding date, may even request a percentage of your estimated balance in order to secure the day. If you’re keen to get a wedding date booked, find out what the deposit requirements are before you visit and confirm between you that you can afford to pay it before making any commitments.



A cost for catering may be included in your initial wedding day quote, or, you may need to source your own caterers, depending on the style of venue you choose. If you choose a wedding venue with its own in-house catering team, and you are looking to upgrade or add any bespoke dishes, you will need to factor this in, as additional cost to your budget. Don’t forget to discuss drink options with your venue from the very beginning as well. Find out what is and is not included in your food and drinks package throughout the day. You may even want to reserve part of your wedding venue budget to put behind the bar at your reception.


Final balance

The final balance paid to your wedding venue may be due in installments leading up to your wedding, or, depending on how close you book your wedding to the actual date, you may need to pay the full balance in one go. Regardless of how and when you need to pay your final balance, make sure you have the funds to cover your day before you sign or agree to a contract. 



If your chosen wedding venue offers on-site accommodation, you may need to pay the whole amount for the bedrooms upfront, even though you may be passing the additional cost on to your guests. If this is the case, remember that you will eventually be reimbursed by the guests paying for their own bedrooms. If you’re booking a hotel wedding venue, you may not need to pay for the bridal suite until nearer the time, so don’t forget to keep this portion of money aside.


Wedding insurance

It’s not an essential part of your wedding venue cost, but at Bijou, we believe that as soon as you start exchanging money in relation to your wedding, or as soon as you put your deposit down on a venue, you should purchase wedding insurance. The minimal cost to your wedding budget could ensure peace of mind throughout the duration of your wedding planning experience.



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