Alternative male outfit ideas for weddings

10 Nov 2016

Allow your character to come alive with these alternative outfit ideas for the groomsmen and male wedding guests

Words: Ryan Duffy

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When it comes to weddings it often seems as though men have little choice with what they can wear. Whether it’s the groom or male guests, there isn’t really much of a variation on most male outfits, and they’re forced to take their pick between a two-piece or three-piece suit, a tie and possibly a pocket square to be slightly more imaginative. There are actually a number of other choices when it comes to wedding day outfits – so let’s examine them....

Smart casual

One of the things we often say to the bride on their wedding day is to make sure they still look and feel comfortable and are in their ‘own skin’. For example, they may be a person that doesn’t wear make-up very often or usually goes very simple with their hairstyle; we then encourage them to do the same thing on their wedding day. Therefore, men who don’t usually dress smart or extravagantly should be able to wear clothing that is a bit more toned down in style on the wedding day. The typical smart casual outfit is usually a blazer and a pair of jeans, but the groom or guest could go a bit more outside the box and incorporate the sports luxe trend into their outfit. For instance, the groomsmen may choose to wear bomber jackets with a shirt and tie underneath and pair of Converse pumps for an Indie-inspired smart casual look.


Tweed is a design that is perfect for any male who wants to pull off the classic gentleman look at a wedding. Over time, tweed has been molded into more current designs and the cut of a lot of tweed suits is now aligned with any fashionable outfit. There is sometimes a problem with tweed, in that too much (e.g. a full three-piece suit) isn't aesthetically pleasing. So it may be a good idea to break it up with waistcoat that is a plain colour, but still the same colour tone as your blazer and trousers.


A number of years ago dungarees were considered to be an item of clothing reserved for country bumpkins. However, through the years dungarees have become much more stylish in their design and now come in a number of variations. For the wedding day, a great option can be to wear some dungarees with a shirt and bow tie. If you choose to go for a plain set of dungarees, then the aim should be to go for a shirt and bow tie that have a floral design as a way to add some interest to the outfit.


Add some colour and accessories

With the majority of male wedding outfits, there is usually the same three colours worn: black, navy or grey. The reason for most men not going for brightly coloured suits is usually down to the fact that they feel they will look silly. However, accessories are still a great way to add colour and inject personality in to wedding outfits. This can be done with wearing a brightly coloured tie and matching pocket square, or a pair of polkadot socks to match the shade of the shirt.

A trip back through the eras

The trend of wearing outfits that have a place in the past has mainly come through because of the popularity of films and television shows such as The Great Gatsby and Peaky Blinders. With Cillian Murphy and Leonardo DiCaprio looking amazingly dapper in tuxedos, thicker cut lapels, multi-tonal brogues and flat caps, it really is no surprise that this look has come back into fashion. Many groomsmen choose to wear matching outfits on the wedding day, and embracing bygone eras in their choice of fashion is a wonderful alternative. 

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