A Stately Stag Party for The Ultimate Stag Knights

15 Apr 2014

A Stately Stag Party for The Ultimate Stag Knights

A Stately Stag Party for The Ultimate Stag Knights

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Image gallery

Lord of the Stags – A Stately Stag Party for The Ultimate Stag Knights


With over 12 years at the forefront of stag weekends StagWeb have seen a steady increase in parties looking for exciting escapes where the groom and his best men can get far away for something a little, and often a lot, different. StagWeb have assisted over 20,000 groups and 260,000 guests since 2002 so they know when it comes to organised stag weekends the focus is on a memorable, group pleasing events; their latest, highly original package is just that.


Now StagWeb groups can enjoy an exclusive stately stag by hiring an historic castle for the weekend. Not only will the stag party lord over the castle itself but in this inaugural package their lairdship also extends to the grounds, an indoor swimming pool and games room. And what’s more each attending stag can become a Lord complete with title deeds and dedicated landholding.


Simon Denning Stagweb.co.uk’s Founder says “We’re really excited about our ‘Lord of the Stags’ package, it’s something very different and genuinely exciting for the groom, plus it’s a doddle to organise. Not only do the boys get an exceptional weekend they’re unlikely to forget but a group of best friends become a group of “best Lords”. That’s a big stag weekend story and one for the speech – and seating plan!”.


The castle comes complete with grounds, swimming pool, games room, parking (cars or helicopters), kitchens and turrets offering spectacular views of the countryside.

Titles available for each attending guests.

The guests will get the run of their own castle for their stag weekend.

Activities will be brought to the grounds including archery, falconry, laser clay shooting, axe throwing and crossbow shooting.

Extras available include medieval banquets and hog roasts.

Denning adds “My father set up a country house group called the Heritage Circle which started in the ‘70s and ran well into the ‘90s. It was a group of charismatic country houses taking groups for events and often accommodation and I remember it being a lot of fun. This is slightly different but we hope it’ll grab the imagination of guests and owners alike and we get some groups enjoying some of the UK’s most interesting properties.”


The castle referred to in this release is based in the West Country and StagWeb are adding several additional properties throughout the UK.

GoGroups.co.uk | StagWeb.co.uk | GoHen.com | GoStag.com


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