A royal wedding look: Meghan Markle versus Kate Middleton

11 Jul 2018

Which royal wedding bridal look do you favour: Kate Middleton's or Meghan Markle's? Learn how to replicate the hair and make-up for each

Reflecting on the most recent royal weddings, it is evident that they were quite different affairs. Prince William and Kate Middleton exchanged vows in a more classic and traditional way in 2011 while Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s 2018 union was considered more contemporary with overt displays of affection between the romantic couple.

However, there is no denying that both princesses looked stunning on their special days, and both bridal looks are considered to be a top trending choice for modern brides when it comes to wedding hair and make-up.

Bridal hair and make-up artist Kelli Waldock recreated Kate’s and Meghan’s respective wedding looks and here, she offers the know-how to replicating each look yourself. Which one will you choose for your special day?

Kate Middleton's wedding hair and make-up


Kate’s wedding make-up: English Rose


1. Primer

Kate wears a good coverage of foundation usually and this was flawless on her wedding day. To recreate the look, use a primer so that the foundation sits well on the skin and doesn’t slide off. You want your wedding make-up to last all day, including for the photos and for the reception after the ceremony.

2. Base

After allowing the primer to sink into the skin, apply the correct blend of Airbase Airbrushing Foundation with a good to full coverage. This will provide a perfect canvas for the look and has amazing results. I use it on TV clients as well as for brides. My model Jodi had a breakout prior to the shoot (which can happen in teenagers but also with stressed brides-to-be). You can see from the images the natural, but full, coverage of the make-up – as these photographs have not been retouched or edited.


3. Eyes

Kate has deep-set eyes and has a very timeless look about her – similar to Elizabeth Hurley – and she suits the liner and darker make-up that allow her eyes to twinkle. For her wedding day, Kate stuck to the classic make-up that we often see her wearing for other public occasions.

P.Louise is a great base for eyeshadow, place it all over the lids and either work it around the whole upper eye area with a brush or massage it over the lid including on the inside of the bridge of the nose. This product glides on really nicely especially if you use a beauty blender over the top.

Apply taupe colour into the socket to highlight a little and to contrast against the dark grey shade, which needs to be applied next all over the lid. Blend into the crease, but do not take the shadow higher than the natural lash line when eyes are open.

Apply Kate’s iconic black liner to the inside top and bottom lids, and a thin line across the upper lid. Add loads of mascara; more on the top lashes and a couple of even coats on the lower lashes... but no false lashes for this classic princess look.





4. Cheeks

As Kate has full foundation coverage, much of her natural pigment is also covered, so use a rosy pink blush to enhance your cheek apples and work up towards your cheekbones.

5. Lips

Kate’s lips are quite thin, so apply a nude pink lip liner to the natural shape of the lip, before applying a nude pink lipstick. A small amount of clear gloss works well with this look too.


6. Eyebrows

Kate has strong brows, so use a slightly darker shade than your natural colour to really define the eyebrows which sets off the classic look with an almost 1960’s retro feel.


Kate’s wedding hair: Half-up half-down do

Kate wore her hair very simply to her wedding and this can easily be recreated.

  1. Use straighteners through the entire head of hair.
  2. Add shine spray or anti-frizz depending on hair texture.
  3. Section out two panels of hair either side, clip one out of the way, while you twist the other section towards the head, above the ear and secure with pins to the back.
  4. Repeat with the section of hair on the other side and spray the hair to secure with a medium fixing hairspray.
  5. This style is perfectly paired with drop earrings similar to Kate’s and for fitting a veil to the hairstyle near where the hair is pinned. You can even wear a tiara like the Duchess of Cambridge on your special day too.


Meghan Markle's wedding hair and make-up


Meghan’s wedding make-up: Fresh-faced beauty


1. Primer

Use a good primer for the face, again because this acts as a great base for the foundation. With the royal weddings often being around springtime, the sunshine can be stronger and the daylight less forgiving so it is vital to have a long-lasting primer to keep the made-up face in place.

2. Base

Meghan Markle has olive skin and natural freckles, which were visible on her wedding day. While  freckles can be easily recreated with the right brush and eyeshadow using a make-up technique, it is more likely that Meghan had just a light foundation coverage, as she has pretty good skin tone and quality.

Applying a light foundation coverage can be done evenly and naturally with Airbase Airbrushing Foundation, or your shade of Bare Minerals... it just depends if you prefer to apply with an airbrush.


3. Eyes

Add a primer to the whole eyelid, and use a charcoal grey to create a smokey eye, which enhances the eyes, showing off that special spark. Bring the smokiness lightly beneath the eye but be cautious to avoid an overly strong finish on the eyes. It is still a royal wedding look, even if it is a modern take on make-up.

Apply lots of mascara and add strip lashes for a flirty, Hollywood look. These are Ardell Demi Wispies and are quite full and fluffy, making the look more dramatic and modern than Kate’s.




4. Cheeks

Use a peachy blush to create a glow and enhance skin tone. If you have olive to dark skin you can also apply a little bronzer to areas of the face that naturally catch the sun, such as to the T-zone and chin. Make this subtle and blend it in too.

5. Lips

Apply a soft rose pink lipstick and then add the same colour lip liner after full lip application.

6. Eyebrows

Define the eyebrows with powder in the same colour as the natural brow; this ensures the whole look is framed well.


Meghan’s wedding hair: Elegant bun

Meghan wore her hair in a simple style like Kate but up and away from her face, giving a more modern and stronger vibe but still feminine.


  1. Start the look by using spray or dry shampoo; this makes it easier to work with the hair, especially if it is fine. If you have thick or curly textured hair you may wish to straighten it and add an anti-frizz spray. Don’t add a shine spray until after you’ve clipped the hair in place as it may make the hair too shiny to secure.
  2. Use the pointed side of a comb to divide the hair into a perfect centre parting.
  3. Bring the hair back into a neat low bun and secure it tightly with bobby pins in the nape of the neck.
  4. Spray the hair before adding a veil or accessories.

This look is romantic and modern. It shows off Meghan’s pretty face and her strong personality. Long veils look great with this style, and it can be secured to the top of the bun.


Two real princesses, two similar looks – one more classic, one more modern... which are you?

Get the look:

Hair and make-up Artist: Kelli Waldock, https://kelliwaldock.co.uk
Photography: www.samanthajonesphotography.co.uk
Models: Kate – Jodi; Meghan – Katie

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