A passion for flowers

16 Oct 2013

A passion for flowers

Nadine Gibbon and Spinney Cottage Flowers, a floral wedding designer, specialising in vintage inspired bouquets

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Image gallery

My passion for flowers started from a very young age. My earliest memories are of being with my mother in her cutting garden taking in the ever changing sights and smells of flowers throughout the seasons. I have always known that I would follow in her footsteps and put my earlier knowledge to good use.

I now live and work in a cottage tucked away in a wood, yet I am only five minutes from the hustle, bustle and coffee shops of St Albans. From my atelier at Spinney Cottage, I work with my clients from initial consultation right through to the final day’s preparations.

I am a floral wedding designer, specialising in vintage inspired bouquets made with natural blooms and antique trimmings. My design style is individual, eclectic and fun! I believe in only using blooms that are in season and support local suppliers wherever possible. I grow all my own herbs and foliage that are used in my creations. I have combined my love of flowers with everything vintage, collecting a huge stock of vintage vases of all shapes and sizes as well as mercury glass and beautiful cut glass candle sticks.I can provide a total styling package for your special day and also offer a huge selection of vintage china, glassware and quirky props for hire.

For more information contact Nadine on 07960 813197/01727 845900, email Nadine@spinneycottageflowers.co.uk or visit www.spinneycottageflowers.co.uk

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