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A match made in Disney: The benefits of an early-moon

03 Jun 2019

Making the most of a pre-wedding trip away, bride-to-be Catherine Hiley details the benefits of an early-moon

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I had to go to the US for work and was given the option of staying on a few extra days for a cheap holiday, so my fiancé flew out to join me.  

He'd never been to New York before and we'd actually been considering it as a destination for our honeymoon. However, this was a much cheaper way to do it so we decided to make the most of my work's offer and spend a few days sightseeing.  

Turns out that what we had is called an early-moon, or a pre-wedding holiday...and I would thoroughly recommend it. Here's why I think it's such a great idea: 

1. Enjoy some complete downtime with your partner before the big day 

Wedding planning can make your life hectic enough, particularly when it's combined with relentless work schedules, busy social lives and all the general life admin that always eats into what little free time we have. 

So it was really nice to get away from all of that and just spend quality time with the person I'm about to marry. We even learned a few new things about each other as we talked endlessly while we walked through the streets of New York or watched the sunset over Coney Island. 

It definitely brought us closer together as a couple and gave us the time and space to work through a few niggling things before the wedding.


2. Get a break from all the wedding planning 

Planning a wedding can feel rather all-consuming to say the least, so taking a step back from it and having a break for a few days can do wonders for your stress levels. 

And you come back to it with a refreshed and hopefully healthier mindset. 

3. Treat yourself to some really nice food 

Dieting for the wedding can be a real drag. I honestly can't tell you how nice it was to just eat whatever tasty, greasy, sugary food I wanted for a few days. 

Luckily we did so much walking while we were away that I actually didn't gain any weight, but even if I had, it would definitely have been worth it. 


4. Shopping for the wedding 

What UK bride-to-be wouldn't love the chance to go to Sephora or stop by Duty Free to find a better range of more affordable make-up than you can find in Boots or John Lewis?  

And while we were at it, we found some really niche Disney items for our table centrepieces that we'd never have been able to find in England. 


5. Spend money on something non-wedding related 

So much of the money for a wedding goes on things for other people to enjoy, whether it's the bridesmaids' dresses, extra bottles of wine for the tables or the wedding favours. 

This trip was a chance for us to spend some of our money on ourselves...and it felt pretty damn good. 

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