A handy guide to 2013's wedding hairstyles

29 Oct 2013

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Image gallery

“I think that the most important thing a woman can have- next to talent, of course- is her hairdresser.”
Joan Crawford

For every woman, whether the dream princess under the glares of the world’s media or just an understated guest at a local ceremony, choosing the right hairstyle for a wedding can be as difficult – arguably even more so – than picking an outfit. Keeping up to date with the latest styles might be essential, but styles change; fashions come and go quicker than the seasons. What was in vogue yesterday might be exactly that: so yesterday. That’s why whether you’re a bride, bridesmaid or just a guest, we’ve compiled a handy guide to 2013’s hottest trends in wedding hairstyles.

Waterfall Braids
Braids have been huge this year and none more so than the subtle cascades of waterfall braiding. With gorgeous interweaving curls that look and feel soft, the style radiates a more rustic or classical style whilst maintaining room for fun experimentation with textures, and it compliments boho and classic wedding looks beautifully.

Top Knot
The top knot has been a staple hair do this summer for all occasions, whether casual and formal, and it doesn’t appear to be showing any signs of tiredness. Famous faces such as Eva Longoria and Jessica Alba have commonly been spotted sporting the look and now it’s the go-to style of choice for many women. For those wearing high neck dresses, the top knot forms a perfectly elegant and appropriate style.

Wedding hair, top knot

Fishtail Braid
Another modern style that balances the bucolic with brightness is the fishtail braid. It might sound a little bit aquatic, and perhaps fishy, but his hairstyle truly embodies an organic feel, tidying extra-long hair into a tight braid that can be made large or small, depending on your volume of hair. It’s one sported by many a bride today.

Wedding hair, fishtail braid

The Chignon
A little off the menu for the last few years, the Chignon has made a real comeback this year and really sets the tone for a classy and glamorous look. Very much a classical Hellenic look, believed to have first originated in Ancient Greece, there are a number of variations on the style to keep it fresh, ranging from messy, loose curls to the sophisticated tight rolls. Either way it’s sure to compliment a great choice of outfits, especially those with intricate details above the waistline.

Vintage might be traditional by its very nature, but it is always dipping in and out of fashion for wedding looks such is its dependence on the accompanying outfit. However, with style icons such as Scarlett Johansson and Gwen Stefani regularly donning their time caps and aping a style that’s nearly a century old, the vintage look is sure to never grow old. The look especially works for those with short to mid-length hair.

Wedding hair, vintage

The Ombre
If you love to dip dye then the ombre is the perfect choice for you. 2013 has very much been the year of the dip dye, and wedding styles have been powerless to escape the influence. You’ll need to time it right - no-one wants to be leaving their peak look a few weeks before their wedding – so get your appointment with the stylist booked in in good time.

To ensure you have the look you want on your special day, try a few styles out ahead of time. Don't forget to set aside a little bit of 'pampering' budget!

Tip: The WeddingSite budget tracker tool can help you stay in control of your budget - plus it's free and easy to use! Take a look here.

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