A guide to planning personalised wedding flowers

05 May 2017

How to ensure your wedding flowers stay true to you and your partner

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Every element of your big day should be perfect and when it comes to your wedding flowers, they’re a great way to get creative and see your vision through to fruition. While you can opt for set packages, it’s a lot more personal when you discover bespoke flowers made for you that reflect your personality and suit your specific wedding theme.

A process that can be as fun as it is rewarding, planning personalised wedding flowers takes a few essential elements to consider - all here in this handy checklist from national floristry business, The Brighton Flower Company.

Prioritise early on

How you want your flowers to be themed, coloured and arranged will relate to your overall colour scheme, venue (indoors or outdoors) and number of guests for table arrangements. Flowers should be planned at an early stage alongside these other considerations.

Colours could focus on pastels for a relaxed reception or if you’re aiming for a more lively day, bright reds, purples and oranges might work as off-set colours. By looking at the bigger picture, you’ll end up with arrangements that complement all the other elements and get your flowers sorted sooner rather than later. 


Work with your florist

Florists are keen, passionate professionals who are experts in flowers and flower design, so make use of their expertise by talking and working with them. Research your local florists and view their portfolio of weddings to understand what they can achieve.

The main benefit of working with established florists is that they know how and when to prepare flowers for your wedding in a way that takes the pressure off you. Once you have your wedding date set, it’s ideal to have peace of mind and rest assured that your flowers will arrive fresh and beautiful.

Create a moodboard

A great way to visually show what you’d like in terms of style is through a moodboard. It’s a way to create a feeling which florists can then apply to their arrangement mock-ups and can include colours and which type of flowers you’d like. Consider height, scent and size and collate your ideas in hard copy with magazine cuttings or via Pinterest. This is where you may find you want something different to what you were expecting, so it’s a useful process to go through.


What are your flowers saying?

In particular, ask your florist about the meaning behind flowers as you discuss the atmosphere and emotions you’d like to convey; flowers really can tell a story. Different coloured roses for example mean different things. Yellow roses are a sign of friendship, pink roses mean grace and orange symbolises fascination. A very popular choice of flower for weddings are tulips which stand for a declaration of love.

Such an open discussion can really get you passionate about flowers for your big day and also prevent any miscommunication through your choices. For example, lilies can be associated with being sympathy flowers but stand for majesty and provide a depth of understated beauty to any wedding.

Get real-life inspiration

Ask friends and family who have had their own wedding days and learn from their experiences. Did they leave it to the last minute? Were they happy with the results? Ask to look at photos of their arrangements and see what stands out to you personally and try to imagine how they’d fit into your big day. You can also go online and view case studies of real life weddings.


Add sentimental items to your bouquets

Bouquets can be further decorated and personalised through careful selection of sentimental items relating to your relationship, making them truly unique to you as a couple. You can add charms to arrangements, jewellery or even carefully placed cuddly toys and photographs in their midst. This can be particularly popular with guests as you’ll be even more present on their table centrepieces while you're busy dining or entertaining throughout the day.

Attend a workshop

When you get hands on with a workshop or flower arrangement class, you can see for yourself what goes into flower arrangements and learn more about the options available e.g. bouquets, table arrangements and table centres. Fun for everyone, it’s a great idea for a daytime hen or a family bonding experience.

Throughout the decision making process, remember flowers are a great way to help you celebrate and can be an enjoyable way to spend time with your partner before you get married. One final bit of advice, if you keep in mind how you want the flowers to look in photos, you can’t go wrong.

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