A guide to finding the perfect budget wedding dress

28 Sep 2016

It's still possible to get the dress of your dreams at a snip of the price... here's how

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As lovely as weddings are, they often mean a huge amount of money will be spent, often resulting in some stress and worry. If you decide to choose a budget wedding dress for your big day, you can help save some of those hefty finances... and you’ll look just as incredible.

Here are a few steps from boutique Belle Bridal that you can follow to ensure you find the best dress within your budget for the big day.

Step 1: Setting the budget for your dress

Think about how much you can realistically afford to spend on your dress. Remember there are other areas of your wedding you’ll need to focus on and plan, too. It’s important to consider other key factors like your honeymoon and post-wedding finances.

Take some time and work out the feasibility of each option. One good thing about choosing a discount wedding dress is that you can still get a range of beautiful designs and styles for far less than you may’ve thought. Remember that being frugal doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll end up with less quality.

Once you’ve decided on the maximum amount you’re willing to spend, start brainstorming a few preliminary ideas before you go shopping for budget wedding dresses.

Step 2: Consider some dress styles beforehand

There are so many styles of wedding dress for you to pick from and it’s easy to be indecisive or unsure over which to choose. Of course, you can try on as many dresses and different styles as you’d like, but having a rough idea of the style you’re looking for in advance means you’re less likely to end up feeling overwhelmed.

Here are some popular dress styles that you may want to consider:

  • A-line: A very versatile style that looks great for all body shapes
  • Tea-length: This style of dress is very classy, formal, and modest
  • Mermaid: This style accentuates the figure and is ideal for more formal weddings
  • Ball gown: A classic and extravagant style that’s very regal


Step 3: It’s time to begin trying on dresses and shopping

By now, you’ve probably decided which style of dress would be ideal, and It’s time for you to try on some dresses. There are a range of ways for you to find discount wedding dresses, including looking online and visiting budget wedding dress shops. Another option is to look at last year’s designer dresses, as these are likely to have decreased in price.

You could also try on some sample wedding dresses that haven’t been worn or adjusted. These dresses are anything from extra stock to dresses that have only been used in a designer advertisement. Sample dresses are often unneeded stock and are therefore often reduced in price.

Step 4. If you’ve not found the dress you want, that’s fine! Keep a few in mind for now

Wedding dress shopping can be tricky, and it’s highly likely you’ll see more than one dress that you love that’s within your set budget. This doesn’t have to be a problem, as you’ll have the option to try those dresses again. Why not take a few friends or a family member with you for their opinion? However, don’t take too many people, as differing opinions could make you even more indecisive.

Take photographs of yourself in both dresses to compare, and try and decide which dress suits you more. It’s also worth considering how your dress will fit in with your wedding theme. You should be completely satisfied with your choice as you walk down the aisle.

Remember to keep calm when shopping for budget wedding dresses. You’ll come across a range of beautiful and affordable dresses and it may take some time to decide which one you’d like, but don’t panic. Be patient and you’ll find the perfect budget wedding dress for your perfect wedding day.


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