A guide to exploring the Himalayas on your honeymoon

08 Aug 2017

How to make the most of an unforgettable honeymoon in the Himalayas

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Thinking about where to head off to on your honeymoon? Look no further than the Himalayas in Nepal, filled with breath-taking mountainous views, authentic culture, fantastic cuisine and some exhilarating hikes – you really will be blown away by this awe-inspiring country. The Himalayan experts at Shakti Himalaya have put together five top tips on making the most out of your Nepalese adventure.

1. Find the right accommodation

Depending on what you’re seeking from your honeymoon, Nepal, or more specifically the Himalayas, can offer so many different types of accommodation from wellness retreats to hiking hotels. There are many areas that offer authentic accommodation and experiences. Multi-day walking trips are a popular activity choice for couples seeking adventure; these cover a lot of ground and can be a really memorable experience.


2. Decide what level hiker you are

With Nepal being the home of the infamous Mount Everest, the area quite notably offers an array of different hikes at varying levels, so it’s a good idea to plan beforehand. Sit down together and discuss your fitness levels to ensure you are both able to do the hikes you are planning. Most places offer guided hikes including all equipment, making it a much smoother excursion.

3. Try different cuisines

Nepalese cuisine can vary, with many people branding it as a bit bland – however these people have probably never tried authentic Nepalese cuisine made by the locals whom live nestled in the mountains. Much like most places in Asia, Nepalese dishes are mostly rice based, with some spice infused flavors. One of the more popular dishes is the Thukpa Nepalese hot noodle soup containing pieces of meat and vegetables; the perfect dish after a long and grueling hike.


4. Visit a traditional Nepalese village

No visit to Nepal would be complete without taking some time to visit some local, authentic villages. The regions of Kumaon, Sikkim and Ladakh cater to sophisticated travelers who appreciate privacy, authenticity and deeply beautiful vistas. Here you will get a much deeper glimpse into Nepalese culture and heritage, as well as getting among local life and meeting those who live a much simpler existence. Many accommodations within the Himalayas offer village tours and walks which are worth doing if you want to get a detailed excursion itinerary.

5. Visit the national parks

There are an abundance of beautiful national parks in the Himalayas which are available to visit to the public, so if you don’t fancy hiking over a few days then you can visit one of the parks and spend the day exploring. A few of the favorites are the Valley of Flowers National Park, the Great Himalayan National Park and Khangchendzonga National Park.

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