8 Real Brides Give 8 Invaluable Wedding Planning Tips

19 May 2015

Hindsight is a wonderful thing, so we asked 8 real brides for their top tips for brides and grooms-to-be

What better source for advice that the brides that have already walked in your shoes? We talk to 8 real brides to get their words of wisdom. Don't miss their sometimes unexpected responses: 

Image gallery

Image gallery


Photography by Katie Drouet

1.  Hazel Pratt’s Henley, Suffolk, wedding was planned in only 99 days, so she knows a thing or two about fast-track planning.

HAZEL'S TOP TIP: “Enjoy it! The planning, the endless questions and decisions, to the day itself. It’s a once in a lifetime thing and as long as the channels of communication stay open (and honest) there is no reason why it can’t be fun. And don’t sweat the small stuff; people won’t notice the finer details. It doesn’t matter if the napkins don’t match the bridesmaids exactly, keep it all in perspective – the most important thing at the end of the day is that you will be married. It’s pointless to let a slight hiccup, or a minor detail, spoil a wonderful day.”

See more pictures and read about Andrew and Hazel’s wedding here: Andrew and Hazel's Suffolk wedding 

great-gatsby-norfolk-wedding-bride-and-groomPhotography by Chris Bottrell

2.  Amy Horton’s Norwich, Norfolk, wedding was beautiful without the associated expenditure.

AMY'S TOP TIP: “You don't have to conform to traditional wedding ideas and spend a fortune to have an amazing day."

To see the full album and read about Amy and Joseph’s Camden market meets wedding here: Amy and Joseph's Norfolk wedding

Photography by Liam Crawley  

3. Fiona Walsh’s Plymouth Cathedral wedding saw the lens turned for the wedding photographer.

FIONA'S TOP TIP: “Invest in a good photographer as that aspect of it represents all that planning and cost, and more importantly captures those special moments in a way that you can reconnect to.”

Read about Fiona and Rian’s coral garden wedding here: Fiona and Rian's garden wedding  


Photography by Sadie and Kyle

4.  Amanda’s Pass-a-grille Beach, Florida, wedding was a mixture of laughter and craft beer.

AMANDA'S TOP TIP: “When planning, invest in the right vendors – choose people who are a joy to work with and that the two of you can connect with on a professional and personal level. Also, stick with clear liquids, as heaven forbid the glass tumbles and spills on your dress, as it did in my case (yet no one was the wiser, thanks to the shade of bubbles matching my dress perfectly)."

Read about Amanda and David’s beach wedding here: Amanda and David's Florida wedding 

Photography by Luke Hayden

5.  Aditi’s Micklefield Hall, Hertfordshire with 280 guests took just 81/2 months to plan. Her secret?

ADITI'S TOP TIP: “Try and delegate what you can, we were lucky enough to have lots of help from our families which meant we could enjoy the day!”

Read about Aditi and Amit’s wedding with three meals, three  dresses… and a horse, here: An Indian wedding 

Photography by Peacock Obscura Photography

6.  Nicola enjoyed a Tuscan barn wedding in the sun.

NICOLA'S TOP TIP: “Do what you want to do, not what others think you should do and enjoy every last minute!”

Read about Nicola and Will’s Tuscan wedding here: A heartbreaking story of love 

Photography by Nichola Morton 

7.  The Lancashire/Yorkshire wedding of Sally Louie Nicholson looked like it should cost the earth, but she created many special touches with the help of friends and family.

SALLY’S TOP TIP: “Be as organised as possible especial to brides doing a lot of DIY projects so you’re not panicking last minute. Also to get as much help as possible and not be too controlling… just enjoy the experience.”

Read more about Louie and Chris’s vintage countryside wedding here: Sally Nicholson and Chris Slater 

roz-and-davePhotography by David Craik Photography

8.  Many couples dream of a wedding that wouldn't look out of place on the set of a film, but for many that film isn't Batman... with Dave being a superheroes fan, the couple embraced the theme to comic. Bride, Roz, tells us her top tip:

ROZ'S TOP TIP: “Just enjoy everything from the moment you get engaged. It truly is such a brilliant thing. You’re celebrating your commitment as a couple, there’s nothing difficult or stressful about that!”

Read about Roz and Dave’s superhero-themed wedding here: A Superhero Real Wedding 


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