7 Top Wedding Day Tips for the Camera Shy Couple

18 Sep 2015

Does the sight of a lens make you turn your face away or dart for the nearest exit? If you’re dreading being the focus of the photographer on your wedding day, don’t miss these top tips on how to pose from Yorkshire wedding photographer John Whitham 

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There’s no escaping it – on your wedding day, you’ll be photographed more than ever before. So we’ve asked John Whitham Photography to tap into his years of experience to tell couples how to work with their photographer.

“Many couples tell us they love natural images, and they don’t want posed wedding photographs,” says John of John Whitham Photography. “It’s clearly a common theme, because photographers’ websites are full of promises not to tell you where to stand/how to stand/where to put your hands.” 


But there’s more to being given direction that the stiff, unnatural poses that may spring to mind. “When you unpick what most people mean by posing, they think it has to be “left hand up, right hand on your hip, now stroke his face…” They worry that the emotion of the occasion will be lost, and that their photographs will look fake and awkward.  But that doesn’t have to be the case.


Here are tips on wedding photography and direction that will give you natural-looking images, even when you’re camera shy:

1. Take the time to choose the right professional photographer for you.
The most important part of a wedding is the occasion itself. If you want natural images, choose a documentary photographer and, for most of the day, they will document the natural flow of events without intervention, using composition, light, and emotion to capture just what it meant to be there at that moment. 


2. Plan some time for portraits in your day.
Most couples want some portrait shots on their wedding day – and who wouldn’t, just the two of you looking absolutely fabulous on one of the happiest days of your life! Creating these images requires some time away from your guests. Talk to your photographer and ensure you’ve accounted for the time in your day.


3. Take direction.
When it comes to portraits, even just a tiny bit of direction and guiding can help create the most beautiful images – and yes, they can still capture mood and natural emotion. Because let’s face it, without an emotional connection, a truth, a sense of intimacy, your photographs are just pretty pictures.


4. Stay relaxed.
We give you the emotional space to relax and be yourselves. We chat and laugh with the couple; you’ll cuddle and connect with each other. We create an environment where you feel safe expressing yourselves - and whilst you do, we’ll take gorgeous photographs. (This is why number 1 is important – find a photographer you connect with, and feel relaxed around.)


5. Don’t try to conjure fake emotions – nothing forced will look good.
Yes, we’ll find or create flattering light, and locations that make good backdrops, that’s our job! We might get you to sit together somewhere, or lean against something.  We may ask you to weight one leg more than the other, because that’s how we tend to stand naturally (it also creates lovely S shapes, but that’s something for us to think about, not you). Then we get out of the way, and let you do the rest. We never ask for or encourage fake emotions, and nothing is forced.


6. Don’t have fixed ideas, or provide a list of shots for your photographer - go with the flow.
Authenticity shows, and a skilled photographer won’t come with a list of shots that worked at last week’s wedding or a photo that they need for their portfolio; it’s all about you and how you are together. It’s about capturing photos that express the essence and individuality of you as a couple.

7. If the whim takes you, run with it!
So if you share a passion for Wuthering Heights and want to run across moorland as Cathy and Heathcliff on your wedding day, let’s go for it!  In 50 years’ time, those photographs will still have meaning and will rekindle wonderful memories for you.  But that’s different to being told to do something that doesn’t feel right for you, or being whisked off to a location that doesn’t mean anything to you – in 50 years’ time all you have is pretty pictures and a memory of being photographed, not the emotions that you felt for one another. 



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