7 Things That ALWAYS Give a Secret Proposal Away. Did You Spot Them?

02 Sep 2015

This week TheDiamondStore.co.uk, the UK’s award-winning online jeweller specialising in diamond engagement rings, asked its female customers to tell all when it comes to proposals. According to the poll, there are seven dead giveaways that your man is about to pop the question. How many of these is your other-half guilty of doing?

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The shuffling feet, the slamming of a laptop when you walk into a room, the sudden interest in all things sparkly… it doesn’t take much to raise the suspicions of your partner to the prospect of an impending proposal. So if you’re planning a proposal, here are the seven subtle (and not-so-subtle) signs that are going to give the game away:


1. Penny pinching
There aren’t many occasions an “expensive takeaway” will be spurned for a homemade spag bol. In fact, 27 per cent of girls notice their future husbands being cautious with spending when they are saving for a ring, so if you don’t want to give the game away, don’t go cutting corners… or portion sizes.

2. A weekend in Venice
A romantic weekend for two – unless you’re one of the (very rare) kind of men who regularly whisk their other half on unexpected jaunts, this sort of behaviour is sure to ring alarm bells. Suspicious? Yes. Yet 17 per cent of girls say their hubbies whisked them away to a foreign destination so they could propose in style.

3. Lunch with the (future) sister-in-law
Forty-seven per cent of women agree that if their man is having secret conversations with their parents, siblings or best friend, it’s a big hint that a proposal is in the air.

4. Google search history
A rookie mistake, but a common one, with 67 per cent of men researching engagement rings online, is to forget to delete your search history. When “engagement rings” is glaring at your partner from the Google search bar, there’s no redeeming the situation.

5. A sudden interest in all things “diamond”
A whopping 36 per cent of girls started noticing their partner commenting on celebrity couples’ or their friends’ engagement rings, “subtly” gauging their reaction to ring styles and designs.

6. A manicure request
A crazy 17 per cent of men totally ruined their surprise proposal by hinting that their girlfriends should go and get their nails done. Although, really, it’s quite sweet – these beaus knew their Facebook-fanatic fiancés would immediately want to post a picture of their bling ring online... and would want their French manicures in tip-top shape for the occasion.

7. The time comes… now make it obvious
You’d think you couldn’t get much more obvious than getting down on one knee, right? But one woman confessed she thought her boyfriend was just kneeling down to tie his shoelace. The waiter turned up and she started chatting to him about the wine list while her poor bloke was on the floor trying to propose. When you go, go big, and make most of your best kept secret.


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