7 ideas for your wedding music

22 Jul 2011

7 ideas for your wedding music

When it comes to the music for your wedding, there is more to think about than just booking a disco. You will quickly discover there are plenty of other times throughout the day that you need music, whether you are getting married in a church or a venue

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■ Before the ceremony – while the guests are arriving, being seated and then waiting for the bride you don’t want an awkward silence so opt for some uplifting classical music in the background played by your organist or pianist.

■ Down the aisle – you do not have to go with the traditional ‘Here comes the bride’ and in fact few couples do these days. Choose a tune that means something to both of you; it could be a romantic pop song or a classical piece. whatever it is make sure it is special - this is a moment you will remember for the rest of your life.

■ Signing the register – this can take some time and it is nicer for guests if there is some gentle music playing in the background as they wait for you to come back from the vestry or watch you signing in a venue.

■ As you leave – the traditional triumphant march might seem appropriate for you and it is still popular but why not choose something that has meaning for you both. These are your first moments together as husband and wife, so choose something special, and positive to mark the beginning of married life.

■ At the reception – while you are busy having your photos taken, your guests will be mingling and enjoying a welcome drink. Why not add a touch of class to your day with an elegant string quartet playing at the reception.

■ During the meal – your string quartet or pianist will need a break by now so opt instead for some of your favourite CDs playing in the background or have some CDs recorded.

■ The evening starts – the most popular choices for couples are a live band or a DJ. With a band make sure you have seen them play before so you know exactly what you are getting. A DJ can offer you variety and can offer your guests the opportunity to go up and select their own favourites.

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